Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Carroll's Journal #7 (The Sagittarian)

You know, I wasn’t suppose to be here, on this planet. My brother assholehehis was supposed to be sent here instead, but he freaked out at the last minute and the galactic treaty clearly specifies that someone from my family had to be sent.


It is tough for a Sagittarian like myself to blend in. It took quite a while for me to even be able to adapt to all the emotions that Earthlings have to deal with. There’s so many. Yet somehow, I have managed to get them all down. It’s a good thing that my kind looks so much like your kind.

What amazes me most is that nobody has figured out that Taylor Swift isn’t an earthling either.

My manager decides that being me for a week was too stressful. LOL He wimps out and takes a vacation to Iowa. He will return by this coming Monday, March 13th. Meanwhile, Hira has been going in and doing some important things for me on my account. She has become my best friend by far in recent months. I don’t know what I would have done (or do) without her. Why she is friends with a bum like me, remains an unsolved mystery.

Are toe nails biodegradable?

For anyone who is a member of the Blogger Loving group on Goodreads, you may have noticed that I removed myself as both a mod, and a member. I did this because there are some members in that group who are hypocrites. As you may or may not be beware of, Blogger Loving is an anti-bullying/hate group. These “hypocrites” are people and bloggers who took sides with Jude Henderson during that whole fiasco. In all good conscience, I could no longer remain a mod because my first impulse was of course, to ban these people from that group. However, I did not create that group so I do not have a free pass to ban people. On top of that, banning itself would be a form of hate I suppose, I don’t know, but in the best interest of that group, I felt I should just step down. So I did. (And you know that more of these “hypocrites” would emerge eventually and joining that group. Heck, they may not even know that they sided with the bully. Still, I thought it best to just let it go.)

I guess this will be the after effect of what I went through with her. I guess I will be spending the rest of my days for a while looking at this list and waiting for these hypocrites to poke their heads out here and there.
Yes, I have a list of all the people and bloggers who turned against me. (You know who you are and so do I)

I could go for a peep show right about now.

Looking at the clock I can see that it is just about time to do the laundry. I have a nice little place where I like to go either in the early morning hours, or the late at night hours. I could take it to my parents house or my sister’s, but tonight I feel like being alone. I get in that mood on occasion.

I’m thinking about putting up a recipe page. I’ve never tried anything like that before because to be honest, all my cooking is based on trial and error until I get it right and the fact that I do not use measuring cups or spoons but more so, just eye it out or winging it.

Is it football season yet?

I am looking forward towards the NFL draft in April. And March Madness this month. The NCAA tourney is about to kick off soon and I am going to follow it for as long as the Ohio State Buckeyes are playing.

Then in May, my science fiction book will be released.

Nothing going on in June yet.

July will call onto me to start drafting my football fantasy teams again.

August or September will bring my fourth book.

Oh, now I know what June might bring, the release of my new song maybe. And my car commercial will be kicking off.

Okay, I am stuck here on the phone and can’t get out of it so I will bid farewell for now as I can’t type and talk on the phone at the same time.

I am going to have to disconnect my line for a few days. I could use a break.

I think I will have some pudding. Now, chocolate or vanilla? … Ooouuu, butterscotch.

I will leave you with this last thought.



  1. Awww how cute! You're my best friend too Carroll!

  2. BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Anon, what does that suppose to mean? Oh wait, is that you Jude? LOL How sweet.

  4. Boy is a whiney little snot who cries over trivial events where as a man would suck it up and .... move on? O_o

    Yeah ... I can see that.

  5. Shoot, I'm apart of that group because I was invited....does that make me the bad guy because I had no idea?....

  6. Why would that make you a bad guy? Did you side with Jude and block/ban me from your group or blog? ... I don't think you did. So you're good. LOL


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