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Teachers Pet

Teacher Leaves Wife, Kids for High School Student
Last year, Jordan Powers was just another student from Mr. Hooker's class. Now she's his live-in girlfriend.

James Hooker -- the 41-year-old married father who left his wife and kids for his 18-year-old-student -- might be the worst teacher ever. Last week, he resigned from his job at Enochs High School in Modesto, California over the scandal that's shaken up a community and pit one mom on a crusade to save her daughter from a man she calls a "master manipulator."

Okay, who hasn’t read about this yet? I know it has fired up Nancy Grace and friends, that’s for sure. And just for the record, I think the world would be a much better place without Nancy Grace and friends. Just saying.

I am not one to judge. That’s just me. But I am sure a lot of people are going to be (and may already) judge this man. It is not I to try and understand why this young lady would want to be with a 41 year old man at the age of 18. I say, it is all about daddy issues. And her father passed away when she was nine years old. Bingo! (I like being right)

Another reason I can’t judge this man is because I have a tendency to draw or attract young females. Obviously, 18 is my limit and I would never dip under that age. I will not go to jail for dating.

Anyhow, I understand for most it is not too easy to hold back from judgment here. I mean, not only the age factor I suppose is enough to get the crowd jumping, but he was her teacher, her educator. There is a certain responsibility that goes along with that. Well, you would think anyway, but we are also dealing with human beings here. With that, a complex array of emotions.

By nature, older will always be attracted to younger. A scientist discovered the reason behind it in the mid 1990’s. (It is in the genes) I forget what he specifically referred to it as but in short, it has something to do with fear of growing old, fear of death and the natural instinct for the species to survive. We might call it middle-aged crazy or whatever, but it is in the human DNA structure to envy youth.

Back to my point of posting this.

I don’t want to really get into the morality of this mans actions. Or the daddy issue of it all on her part by any means. Here is my beef. (Or would be my beef if I were a tax payer in California.) Authorities want to investigate their history to see if they engaged in unlawful sexual activity before she turned the age of 18.
Really? That’s what you want to do California? You want to waste time, money and resources for this?

I understand fully the mother of the girl and her anger. But we don’t know the full story here between her and her daughter. Maybe her daughter hates her mother and poor mom can’t deal. Can’t let go. She has been making a lot of noise about it. I haven’t heard a peep from the mans wife and kids. She took the quiet road.

Still, the state of California is broke. Flat broke! They have financial troubles coming out of the ying-yang. If I were a tax paying Californian, I would be in fits about spending my tax dollar to try and find out if these two had sex before she turned 18. I mean, at the current standing, they are both consenting adults now. So what if they had some hanky panky in the past? They are together now and apparently, they are happy. Let it go.

This is exactly the issue I address in my book, LAST FLIGHT OUT.

Authorities have three years to find this proof and begin prosecution of this man before the statutes expire, but let’s just say for the sake of argument they do find this so called proof, what then? You spend untold amounts of money investigating, then prosecuting him and then how many more millions for the few years he may get in prison that you will spend on this guy and for what? If when he gets out, he and this girl get back together? They resume their happiness and the state of California is worse financially then when it started.

Who really wins here?

I say, let it go authorities. Is it really worth the millions you are spending and will continue to spend to teach a lesson to the teacher? Keeping in mind, of course, he isn’t gonna learn anything to begin with. Nor this young lady. Is it that you want to make an example of him? Really? Couldn’t you better make a better example of taking your money and resources and applying them maybe, say, I don’t know, maybe go after a man who is having sex with a ten year old or something?

I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow when you realize that maybe somebody slipped one by you, but maybe this time, California, you just might want to cut your loses and move on to the next one. Even if you do discover what you’re looking for, is it really worth the price to pay in this economy? In your economy?

Isn’t there someone more sinister to go after?

What do you guys think?

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  1. I dunno, I dunno. Issues, issues...and...The law is the law. It's there for a reason. Cut and dried: to protect the people and punish the criminals. If they had sex before she was 18, well, the rule is, let the punishment fit the crime.

    There are myriad--and some unpleasant--ways to interpret this man and his mind. Similarly, hers.

    I think they're both kinda freaky.

    Society is way far into a major breakdown-- everywhere--everything's become a free-for-all, anything goes. Does anyone have an image in their pointy little head that "things" are "under control"? They are not.

    I have no appreciation for a teacher who picked his girl up in class, but now she's 18...although she had to be--duh--17 last year. Don't tell me they waited. As well, just letting it go would make it open season on something that's illegal...and on laws that protect minors.

    At this point they are living together, so does the potential rest get swept under the proverbial rug? Really, I can't make a call here. But I do...

    ...agree that it would ultimately be a waste of time, work, and money through legal investigation and discovery...and then further time, work, and money for the state to prosecute...not to mention the pricetag of jailing this guy for a year while he sits on his a$$ watching TV and playing video games in the pokey.

    Yeah. Cali is broke, broke, broke. Let the mother file a civil suit if she wishes and let it stay in the private sector where it belongs, with a legal-age daughter.

    not anonymous Lori


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