Friday, March 9, 2012

Carroll's Journal #8 (Hey Jude)

After everything I have been through lately, I thought of the perfect way to try and soften my heart again. I went and bought some tiny stuffed animals (Bunnies) at the Wal-Mart and took them to a local hospital and made the rounds to all the sick kids and gave them an early Easter gift.

OMG! The look in their eyes!

I am getting a little veclemped. Give me a moment here.

Anyhow, isn’t it great how children smiling can melt your heart? I am always amazed at that. And to top it all off, it made me feel good and I really needed that right now. No matter how bad I may ever start to think that things are for me, nothing compares to what so many of our children are going through.

Love the children.

Okay, now back to recent developments, I got to talk to my new “female interest” on the phone earlier. I don’t think it is going to work out. She mentioned something about wanting to get serious with someone. She is looking for to settle down. I don’t think I can do this. I don’t even know if she is telling the truth. How many times have I heard this before from the mouth of a beautiful girl only to find out at the last minute that I got played?

One very recently.

My trust factor with the opposite sex is at an all-time low right now. I think I prefer the “friends with benefits” package instead of the “let me lie to you Carroll and tell you what you want to hear” package. I had that package recently and didn’t care for it much.

Not much at all.

Do Eskimos still live in igloos?

So what’s with all of this Peyton Manning crap? Do you really think he has anything left in the tank? Hey, I have nothing against the guy, but shadows of Brett Favre keep flashing in my eyes. I didn’t want my teams to go after Brett and I don’t want them chasing after Peyton. (Dallas and Tampa Bay) Thankfully, my teams have Romo and Freeman. Still, whomever ends up with Peyton, don’t be too surprised if it doesn’t work out. The guy is 36 years old! Only a team like the Vikings and the Jets or maybe the Seahawks and Niners could probably use him. They are built to win now and need a QB ….

For anybody else it would be nothing more than “Look at me, look at me!”

The most profound question in my lifetime: “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”

David is in Iowa right now. Seeing how he has failed to email me, tells me that he must be having a pretty good time.

What’s up with this recent trend of posting “fake” tips from wealthy people in restaurants? Okay, first of all, I have had bad waitressing before and never hesitated to stiff that person at meals end. One time, the service was so unbearable, in the middle of the meal, I got up and walked right out. (This happened not too long ago when I was wanting a beverage refill and my waitress was hiding because she was “TEXTING”!)

I know, right?

In her defense, it was a slow night and I was in one of my famous moods. Outside of that, I always tip well. In fact, when I went up to Columbus and won three straight games over David in Madden Football 2012, the pizza delivery guy was treated with two outstanding tips. (David is a great tipper too)

Oh, did I mention that I beat David three straight games in …… yeah, I guess I did. LOL

Where would we be in society if chocolate never did get introduced to peanut butter?

Listening to some Elvis Presley at the moment. You know, he has from time to time sang some songs from the Beatles, but I never heard his version of “Hey Jude” until I bought these CD’s a short while back. I have to say, he does a pretty good job on that song. I think I like his version better than the Beatles. I also found it on Youtube and will share you the link if you care to listen and compare.

I’m conflicted. I was told by one of the nurses tonight that I had a Val Kilmer thing going on. I failed to ask her if she meant Val Kilmer then or Val Kilmer now? I know what he looked like then, being a Batman fanatic, that would be a good thing. I thought he made a good cape crusader. The girl who said this was about early to mid 20’s. She may know him best as now. When I got home, I googled Val Kilmer now.

Like I said …. I am conflicted.

Hey Jude, don’t be a fool
Take a sad song and make it better
The minute you let her into your heart
Then you can start to making it better

I saw Brittany in the store on my way home. She ignored me. Completely!!

It’s just as well. Her and I breaking up wasn’t entirely her fault. I have trust issues where girls are concerned. As if I didn’t have enough issues before this last Fall/Winter, I had to have someone complicate me even more with trust issues.

Eh, something extra for me and my psychologist to talk about next week. 


  1. LMFAO! I almost laughed out loud while reading the Val Kilmer part! Hahaha!! I should Google him and see... I'm not sure how he looks like now...

    Anyhow, you know I think you're gorgeous! And I'm not alone in this :P lol

    For Britt...I'm sorry... some women sometimes are real weird... and act like b*tches.... *shakes head*

    And I'm happy you had a great time at the hospital :) I imagine how you must have felt seeing all those kids smiling happily :) Hey, had been them I would have smiled at you even if you didn't bring me stuffed bunny :P lol
    (Oh by the way, I have 3 stuffed bunnies :P lol)

    I'm gonna listen to the song tomorrow though. I doubt my parents would be happy if i wake them up with my phone playing Hey Jude xD LMAO

  2. Just googled Val Kilmer....

    Eww... Sugar, I assure you, you don't look like him now. She either meant Kilmer when was younger, or she was totally blind or crazy. LOL xD
    And in my opinion, you look better than Kilmer (younger version and obviously older version)!!! :)

  3. Now you see my confliction! LOL Maybe I will go back there and get a verification from her.

    Or maybe she meant the hair day I was having?

  4. Mmmm.. it sounds more like you want to go back there to ask her number, my dear... ;P

    Gutter! xD Hahaha LOL

  5. Is everything always about getting a girls number and .....

    Okay, maybe.


  6. How sweet of you to do that for the kids.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Actually Sharon, I did it for myself too. I needed to lift my spirits. If the smiles of sick children can't lift your spirits then nothing can.


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