Thursday, March 29, 2012

Carroll's Journal #13 (Hira)

I had another strange dream last night. Some dude from the electric company was discussing my bill with me. They wanted to charge me a five dollar fee because they were afraid that my check would bounce. I had to explain that I never bounce checks. That I am retired and have plenty of money and it’s not my fault that they were afraid it would bounce. Besides that, I told him that if they thought it would bounce in the first place, then why add five additional dollars to the bill? LOL

Anyhow, we ended up going to a cafeteria to have lunch and continue discussing it and while he was holding his tray, talking to me as we walked to our table, his nose starting dripping this light green snot and it was dripping right into his food on his tray.

Very gross! LOL

Anyhow, it’s no secret that Hira and I are best friends. She is like a little sister to me. She is a mod in all my groups. A member of my authors only group, and we both are admins on each others blog. She also calls me up from time to time and currently, we are in the process of her giving me a phone interview for my upcoming book release, OF THE LIGHT.

We were talking the other day and one thing that came up in conversation is, why are we such good friends? Being the smart ass I am, I gave her ten reasons right off the top of my head and they are as follows: #10) Because I am handsome. #9) Because I am handsome? #8) Because I am handsome! #7) She think I am handsome. #7) Because she thinks I am sooooo good looking? #6) I’m cute. #5) Because I am adorable. #4) Again, because I am handsome. #3) She thinks I am really handsome. #2) Handsome, handsome, handsome. And number one reason ….. Handsome! ….. LOL

Of course, I am just kidding around. It made for a good laugh.

She decided to get serious and finally convinced me to as well. She wanted me to put together a more serious top ten list and so … after thinking about it, I agreed I would. So, here it is Hira, the top ten reasons why I think we are such good friends.

Number 10) … Sense of humor. - You laugh at my jokes, and that’s a plus. Not very many people get my warped sense of humor. It doesn’t seem to bother you. Take for instance that pic I sent you of me wearing a veil. You always post pictures of yourself wearing the veil so in jest, I sent you one of me wearing a veil which was actually my Ohio State Buckeye shirt, but you laughed at it. You thought it was clever on my part. You got the joke. Not everyone has that kind of sense of humor. (Meximelt)

Number 9) … Muslims don’t scare me. - I know there are some people out there who are a bit intimidated by Muslims because of the terrorist thingy but not I - I accept all people for who they are with no regards as to sex, race, religion or even political affiliation.

Number 8) … You’re good people. - Some people pretend to be something they are not. (Meximelt) But you, and pretty much the people in my Goodreads group, are real. You’re honest and caring and you don’t play games. You have no hidden agenda where I am concerned. A lot of girls (Meximelt) they are just into my picture so much, you know? They fail to try and get to know the real me. Or they see my picture and get preconceived ideas of how I should be or something. You take me as is. Another big plus in my book. You have no hidden agenda. I like that.

Number 7) … Writing. - You are just as passionate about writing/poetry as I am. I think that’s a good rapport to have with anyone. Or connection.

Number 6) … Chemistry. - Sometimes the universe just has a way of bringing two people together who can teach one another. I know I teach you a lot about writing and stuff and there are things I learn from you. Like how to run a blog. LOL And the fact that you don’t do it (help me) because you want to jump my bones like other girls (Meximelt) is a weight off of my shoulders. It makes it much more easier for me to just be myself. No pressures.

Number 5) … Safety. - It is safe for me to be friends with you. I don’t have to worry about you getting all goo-goo eyed and in love with me like some other girls. (Meximelt) And because of your religion, I know you have no ulterior motive. We could never fall in love with each other because you can only be with/marry another Muslim and I will never be of any religion except that of what I already am. (Pantheist) So it’s safe to be your very good friend. Our love comes from friendship. The best kind ever!

Number four) … Trust! - I trust you completely. Our honesty between us is uncanny. Only with my manager and Vincent have I ever placed so much information about myself with someone and trusted that all of my secrets and skeletons are safe with you. That you will never betray me like some would/do. (Meximelt)

Number three) … Common Interest. - We just have a lot in common. Period.

Number two) … Music. - You love music almost if not more than I do. Our tastes are very similar. That could fall under the category of common interest however, my musical flavors range from rock, pop, metal, to country and bubblegum and everything in between. Not many have such a wide range of musical tastes.

And number one reason why I think we are such good friends is …. Because I am handsome. LOL
But seriously, why does it matter what the reason is? We are friends. I know your secrets, you know mine. You are going to marry someday and have kids and live a most amazing life because you are a most amazing young lady. And through it all, you’ll always have a direct line to your friend Carroll. And I’ll always be wishing you the very best of happiness and good fortune. I know a lot of things about the future scare you, but that’s why the universe brought us together as friends to begin with. I help you and you help me. You’ll never have to face those fears alone. I’ll always be here, ready to be your best friend.

** tear **


  1. Hmmm....those were some amazing 10 reasons.. I didn't think you'd actually do them... :) ....... So you've kinda left me speechless but thanks Carroll, all that ^^^^ meant so very much to me. -_________-

  2. I know it does, kiddo, which is why I decided to post it. Not everyone has the kind and gentle heart that you do, even though you mask it with toughness. The best thing about you is that you have no hidden agenda. You will go very far in life if you remain like that. Trust me. Life will bless you for it.

  3. I like to think of it like this, Hira. Life reminded me of an old lesson. When Meximelt did what she did, I was ready to throw in the towel, give everything up because I lost faith again in people, love and friendship, you name it. Then life gave me you (and the other members of my group) And what this was is simple, Meximelt represents the worse in people, you represent the best in people and Brittany represents that sometimes, good people get caught in tough situations.

    Maybe also life has something in store for me in the future to which I can remember that little lesson. I don't know. But I do know this, you and my friends on Goodreads have shown me that not everyone is a Meximelt.

    And I think I just needed to be reminded of that. That's what life did, it reminded me. Now I'm back to my old self only, perhaps a little more wiser. LOL

  4. Awww how sweet Carroll. I'm glad you thought all that.


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