Friday, June 29, 2012

Video Break - Vixen (With A Story)

I love these girls. They know how to rock it. I also like this song for another reason. I helped my sister and her friends in high school to put together an act in a talent contest, lip-syncing to this song. I spent three weeks with them everyday to make them look like rock stars. Wigs, renting the out-fits, teaching them how to hold a guitar as if they were born with them. How to move, the whole nine yards. They used real instruments except for the drums. I had a friend put that together using styrofoam and clay, cardboard. (My sister was fake playing them) It was a really fun time. The girls seemed to enjoy it. They put on a great fake show and won third place. I was very proud of them. This is why I say that I love working with girls. It doesn't matter what they do, they always put everything they got into it.

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