Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last Flight Out - Inspiration

Art inspires art. This is the way it should be. The moment art ceases to inspire more art, this is when we fail as a society. - Carroll Bryant

I have had people ask me what inspired my book, Last Flight Out. The truth is, the Mary-Kay Letourneau story was dominating the headlines when I was thinking of writing a romance. The only thing I knew about the idea was that I wanted it to be dramatic. And while I was all caught up in the Mary-Kay situation, I started to imagine what would have happened if it was a male teacher and a female student.

As most of you may know, Mary-Kay Letourneau was a 30 year old teacher who had a sexual relationship with her then 13 year old student. If you ask me, she got off easy - had she been a guy and the victim a girl, well, let’s just say she got off easy.

So, I started to imagine her situation reversed when I read in my local paper about a male teacher and a female student. I followed that story through and started to wonder what my story could be about. The general idea was born now, based on two real events I had read in the paper but as for the details? I still wasn’t getting anything.

Then I heard this song on the radio. It is called, “Last Flight Out”. It is sung by a gospel group, Plus One. I knew this song was actually in praise of God, but the lyrics could go mainstream also and be relatable to a relationship. I also loved the title. I knew this would have to be the title of my book and when I heard the song, I had the vision of my story. The characters, everything, it became crystal clear.

I couldn’t wait to write it.

This book, along with Children Of The Flower Power, were already published before I started my blog, so I never got the chance to “showcase” them in the manner I have (and am doing) with Of the Light and Year Of The Cat. So now I am taking the time to do it. Mostly because, ‘Flower Power’ was perhaps my favorite book to write and Last Flight Out has my two favorite characters (that I have written.) Kavita Davidson and Lily McCourtney.

I envy their love for each other. Forgetting the age difference, these two formed a wonderful friendship through the magic of art and then fell hopelessly in love. The way they are with each other - I would love to have that someday. I just envy it. Maybe that’s why I wrote them in the manner I did. Maybe deep down, I wanted to be Kavita.

I have also been asked about the other song. It’s a song in the book that plays on the radio while Lily and Kavita are painting together one day in his studio. Lily sings it to Kavita and it initiates a romantic moment. That song is called, “I Will Rescue You”. It is also performed by Plus One.

Here are the songs that inspired the story and made the book what it is. It is art inspiring art. Just the way it should be.

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