Thursday, June 14, 2012

Carroll's Journal # 31 (Hypocrites)

Okay, so it's been a rather interesting day. Recently, a good friend of mine became friends with a girl (You know who I am talking about) who used to ignore her and even deleted her from her Goodreads friends list once back in December (I think). I found out today about this new found friendship. I found out by way of accident really. Anyhow, I have no problem with that. provided, of course, that the friendship was real. I hold reservations on this girl's motives because I know her. I know her all too well. She is crafty. She is never friends with someone unless there is something in it for her.

I know this because recently she told me under no uncertain terms that she and I were not friends. After all my fruitless attempts to be her friend, she refused. And so life goes on. (You would think) Anyhow, this girl became friends with my good friend and this girl did something that while on the surface, appeared to be a nice thing, on the backend, there was an ulterior motive.

This nice thing was to redesign my friends blog.

Now, normally, I would have no problem with this however, this blog in question is also a blog that carries my name on it. And this girl in question, who designed the new look for the blog, told me she didn't want anything to do with me a short time ago. Funny, she doesn't want anything to do with me yet, she wants to design a new look for the blog and leave her name and her website link behind. Now, maybe I am crazy here but if you don't want anything to do with someone, you wouldn't be associating yourself with that person you hate. (Which that person is me)

Of course I was instantly confused by this. I wanted to believe that maybe this girl had a change of heart or something. (Wishful thinking) However, when I sent her an email regarding this new blog design, her reply was that she would be willing to do a new one for me too. (How sweet)

This also meant that she would leave her calling card behind for her business. That calling card would have been in the form of her blog link for her business. Obviously, she knows my blog gets a ton of views and this would be a good way for her to "advertise" her services. Nice business move.

Suddenly, this girl who doesn't want anything to do with me wants something to do with me. Well, of course she does. And suddenly, this girl who is never nice to me is being 'nice' to me again. Well, of course she is. She sees a really good business venture here.

I tried to explain that not too long ago, she didn't want anything to do with me. That she doesn't want to be friends. Her reply was, "We don't need to be friends to do business".

Say what?

Now, on the surface, she is right about that, you don't need to be friends to do business. However, this girl and I had a business deal last September for her to do an interview with me on her blog and a book review of my book, Children Of The Flower Power. (And so were some of her close friends) But wait! She backed out because ... (Gulp) ... we weren't friends anymore.

Okay, I am really confused here. (Or am I?)

I see how it is with her. When we were no longer friends, she didn't want to do my interview and book review on her blog becasue we weren't friends. So thus, we just couldn't do business. But now that I have a popular blog (more popular than hers) all of a sudden, it's okay for us to do business together. (But of course, this time, she would be posting her blog and her work on my very popular blog.)

Are we getting the picture here?

And of course, this also explains why suddenly, she is being nice to me again. Hey, you got to love a business girls savvy. It was worth a try though, right? I mean, she has nothing to lose.

Hypocrites! Say one thing, do another. This is the foundation in which this girl has built her life. Only when there is something in it for her will she be nice and do business with people who are not her friends. But this is not the sad part. The sad part is, this girl USED my friend. She used her because she wanted something from me and the only way to do it was to go through my friend. A friend that just a few short months ago, was being treated like dirt by this girl.

It breaks my heart. It really does. That there is someone out there so sneaky and underhanded like that. It completely blows my mind. And the saddest part of all is, she has so many people fooled into thinking that she is such a nice person.

Tisk - tisk.

Then she says that she was missing me. Really? You push me away and tell me you don't want anything to do with me and then suddenly, you miss me? You know, when I am missing someone, I write them and tell them. One thing I don't do is tell them to leave me alone. Then again, I'm not a psychopath. 

So, to this girl I say, it's not in the words you use, but it is also in your actions. And when your actions do not coinside with your words - then it is your actions that speak the real truth. Your actions are that of hate. You are not fooling me. You may have many others fooled, but not me. All the times I reached out to you in friendship only to have you spit on me. Then, when you want something from me, you go and use my friends to get to me. 

Shame on you, Jude. Shame, shame - shame. Stop being a hypocrite. I hate to say this, but if I had the choice to go out with you on a date or Casey Anthony, I would have to choose Casey Anthony. That's how low you have sunk. 

For shame.  


  1. The funny thing about this is, she started rubbing my face into it that she has over 1200 followers on her blog to my 106. yet, she gets like 250 - 300 page views a day on her blog to my 500 - 750. LOL And to top it off, while pretty much she was calling me a nobody, then why did she want to advertise her business on my blog? LOL

    I have almost as many page views in six months on my blog than she has on hers and she has had hers for a year and a half! LOL

    And I'm the nobody? LMAO!

  2. Getting close to people, and then finding that they are users, or manipulators, is a sometimes a scarring experience, but even here on Goodreads, your experience is echoed by someone else. She relates her experience of the discovery that she, too, was being used by a friend.
    Cheer up! There are decent people in the world, and you'll find them if you're lucky!

  3. I know there are good people in the world and on Goodreads. I have met so many. But it really does blow my mind that this girl backed out of our business deal when it came to posting my interview and a book review last september on her blog because she no longer wanted to be friends but yet, tells me yesterday that we don't have to be friends to do business when it comes to her posting her business on my blog.

    ***Shakes head and laughs***

    Some of her friends who also backed out from interviews and book reviews last year because she did it, also tried to "re-establish" a connection with me because of the popularity of my blog. LOL I turned them down to. But at least they didn't try to "use" one of my friends to get in with me.

    The nerve of some people. LOL Thanks Margaret. :D Nothing but smiles here.

  4. Thanks, Carroll.:)

    I don't need to tell you how careful one needs to be in choosing ones friends. I know this from experience.
    Insincerity can be insidious.
    To survive and thrive, we need to live and learn.:)

  5. WEF?! I am hating this girl!!!

  6. You will be hating her even more when i post our email exchange over this incident on this coming Sunday Night, (17th). Word for word, email for email of what went down and how it went down.

    Now you all will see what I had to put up with for over six months.

  7. Geez, Carroll, this stuff is still going on? Sorry to hear about that. I hope you're keeping out of the mud-slinging - I really dislike hypocrisy. She sounds more like a sociopath than a psychopath, though - generally psychopaths aren't so calculating, nor will they use a person like a sociopath does. I know too much about sociopaths, since my first husband was one. *shudders*

  8. Unfortunately Katy, it is. I have been minding my own business when she tried to advertise her blog on my blog. (Love Hate Poetry) by using poor Ira. Taking advantage of her good nature. I stepped in and said no to it because this girl (Jude) broke her promise to me ten months ago and until she changes her ways, I will not endorse her nor have her associated with my blogs in anyway, shape or form.

    But she went too far this time. She went toooooo far.

  9. The thing I don't get is, she tells him to LEAVE her alone when in fact, she was the one who befriended his best friend and blog partner just to gain access to his blog. That's creepy. She also told Ira not to tell Carroll about their friendship. That's creepy. I'm sorry, but this girl creeps me out. Clearly, she is stalking Carroll. You don't become friends with your ex-boyfriends best friend then sneak onto his blog if you don't want anything to do with him. She has some deep emotional issues and perhaps some mental problems to address. In short, she is creepy.


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