Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hey you guys (and gals) - As you know, I also write songs. And I have a CD out called "Rock That Country". I know there are musicians/singers out there too, and even some reading my blog because I have corresponded with you here and there. If you're looking to put together a CD, stop waiting for Randy Jackson to come up and knock on your door to help you, or for Simon Cowell to sign you to that big deal. Forget about 'American Idol' coming through your town, put that CD together yourself, with the help of CDBaby, you can produce your own for an amazingly low price.

Or even if you just want to put together a CD of you singing for your family and friends, you can do that with the help of CDBaby. Give them a look. It's not going to hurt to visit their website and check them out, is it?

Here is the link:

I use them and I completely endorse them 100 percent. I'm just trying to lead you in the right direction, trying to get you to take that first step towards finding your dream. At the very least, take a look and decide for yourself if it's something you want to do. Best of luck!

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