Thursday, June 7, 2012

In The News: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg


Okay, here we go, an article right up my alley. There is talk right now about NY Mayor, Michael "Communist" Bloomberg wanting to ban supersized cups for soft drinks.

"What‘s next?" asks the industry-funded Center for Consumer Freedom, in response to a New York City plan to forbid the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces in restaurants, sports venues, and movie theaters. "Limits on the width of a pizza slice, size of a hamburger or amount of cream cheese on a bagel?" Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his idea Friday, assuring Matt Lauer of the Today show that "we're not banning you from getting the stuff. … It's just if you want 32 ounces, the restaurant has to serve it in two glasses. That‘s not exactly taking away your freedoms."

Sorry Mayor, it is TAKING AWAY OUR FREEDOMS. (And the start of taking away more later.)

It didn't take long for the details of this putative public-health measure to dissolve into a super-sized debate between Libertarians and Liberals, soda jerks and health nuts. But before we all start pouring it on about the costs of obesity and an apartheid of pleasure, let's consider the scientific facts—contested or otherwise—that led Bloomberg to propose his soda-size control in the first place. Would the pint-cup cutoff reduce obesity, or not?

The answer is a clear cut NO! It won't reduce obesity. And this is why.

First, they said the same damn thing about tobacco back in 2000. "If we get people to stop smoking, health care costs would drop. Tobacco is the reason our health care is out of control in America and so expensive." And that was later proven to be a big COMMUNIST lie. Our health care problems in America is worse than what it was 10 plus years ago so we know that "tobacco" had nothing to do with it. It wa sjust a way for "get rich quick" lawyers and politicians to take away more freedoms of the American people. They are saying now what they were saying back then in that - "You people are too stupid to live healthy so we have to force you to do it."

Did it ever occur to you "do-gooders" that I don;t give a good fuck about living healthy? Maybe all i want to do is live HAPPY! And smoking makes me happy. But some of you nitwits out there can't stand that, can you? You want me to be as miserable as you. well, it;s not going to happen!

Secondly, This is just another ploy by the communists of our country to take away more of our freedoms. Our constitution has been under attack big time since about the mid to late 90's. These so called "progressives" who think that us everyday Joe's are too damn stupid to do "what they want us to do" and when we don't, they force us.

Thirdly, obesity is not a "food consumption" problem. It is a "technology" problem. If I were a young man of 8 or 9 years old and had a computer, a laptop, an ipod, an ipad, an X-Box, DVD player with DVD's to watch and a smart phone and .... you get the picture. Then I wouldn't want to go outside and play anymore either. Especially after politicians and the fucked up media scares my parents into thinking that everybody outside of my yard is a freaking pedophile. I'd be sitting on the couch all day too, stuffing my face with Dorito's and donuts. (Getting fat)

It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure they feed their kids properly and make sure they get their exercise and all that crap. And what parent chooses to feed their kids is their own damn business. And what adults want to eat and drink (regardless of the size of the God damn cup) is their own damn business also.

Mayor Bloomberg, I cannot tell a lie, you are a communist with a capitol "C". And anybody else who supports taking away more FREEDOMS OF CHOICE from the American people.

It's not going to even make a dent in the obesity problem and it never will. You lied to us about tobacco being the health problem ten years ago, "Progressives" - now you lie about this. Now you point the finger at this as the problem. The only problem we have in America is the democratic and republican parties. And their need to control the American people with lies and fear and greed. And their desires to take away more and more of our "rights to choose for our own damn selves" until we have no more choices left.

Sorry if the truth hurts. Wait! No I am not sorry you communist pigs.

And do you want to know why I know this is nothing more than a plot by politicans to take away your freedom of choice? It's because of the hypocrissy of it. That being - that Mayor Bloomberg endorses the "hot-dog" eating contest they hold every year. This soda cup ban has nothing to do with "health" issues - at least not for Bloomberg, it's all about taking away people's right to choose. End of story!

No, seriously, this is the end of the story.


  1. Sorry, He's Just a Pet Peeve of Mine, or, Glad to See Ya Go!July 12, 2012 at 11:02 AM

    His newest, announced yesterday: lowering speed limits in some areas of the five boroughs to, I think it was, 13 mph. Really?? I think he's got dementia at this point...his face just doesn't look right. (Well, actually, it *never* looked right.)

    Is he power hungry? Does he want to be the King of New York City? Is he just an ingrate, a moron...a busybody lunatic? Every mind-bending, stupid idea he comes up with results in the most annoying, idiotic laws...all concerning his *own* pet peeves under the guise of doing it for the public good....Outlawing Big Gulps? What??? Jeez, fu*k off, already, would you?!

    He is a wretched and obnoxious twit who must stay up through the wee hours masterminding what he's going to "conquer" next. I believe he has a great dislike for blue shoes and expect them to be banned sometime in the next month or so. He'll want to be sure to leave behind enough damage before he leaves office...and that can't be soon enough.

    I assure you, we are all waiting for his *third!*--bought and paid for by himself!--term to come to a resounding end. Mayors in NYC DO NOT get third terms!

    He does not one iota for this city; he does NOT do his job. He doesn't realize that not even one New Yorker supports him.

    Bloomberg: I do not like *YOU*. YOU are bad for the people. BEING YOU should be illegal. I just don't like your name and face. And isn't that enough to outlaw YOU? According to you, I mean.

  2. His antics have made me leary of visiting NYC for a while. Or maybe he is in compitition with California and the "Ban toys from Happy Meals" objective. It's hard to figure out sometimes what goes through the minds of these people. Perhaps it's a case of "too much time on our hands" syndrome.

    In any case, I continue to get frustrated at solutions that do not solve the problem and instead, creates more problems in the long run. I would credit the war on tobacco for costing Americans about 2 or 3 percent of our unemployment problem. (At the very least) And a good 40 percent of our debt problems. (Lost tax revenue from lost jobs, wages tax and sales tax) 70 percent of those taxes in Ohio went to the upkeep of our highways and roads and infrastructure. (Which have gone to crap the past ten years)

    The scary part isn't whom we elect into these positions of power, but who is electing them?

    Thanks for you comment.


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