Friday, June 1, 2012

Coming Soon! Carroll Bryant CD's For Sale.

Hey everybody, I have been getting emails asking where people can buy my CD's. The thing is, I have only released one CD and that was locally. (I am 8 tracks through my 2nd CD I will call "Judas Wept" with two more tracks left to record) However, I am now looking into making my CD "Rock That Country" available through my blog to be purchased directly from me.

I am currently putting together a small staff of personel and will be setting up a Post Office Box this month. Once I get everything in place, I will post a page announcing when you may purchase them.

So far, for now anyway, they may only be available for USA, Canada and Mexico. I will be looking into postage costs for other countries as the year goes on. I will try my best to make them available at a reasonable and low price for as many of you as I can.

Currently, I forsee my CD's being available by the end of the month of June. Maybe by mid-month at the earliest. (The songs sound a lot better on CD through your stereo system than they do through Youtube and computer speakers.)

Thank you.

Carroll Absolom Bryant

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