Friday, June 29, 2012

Carroll's DVD Review #23


A thirty-something former child star hires a foster family to re-create the childhood he never had.

David Spade has never really been one of my favorites, but I have to admit that this is one really pretty good movie. It's fun, it's funny, it's entertaining, and it has Alyssa Milano so it can't be all bad, right? Anyhow, only David Spade and maybe Adam Sandler could have pulled this role off. Spade does it very well. Released in 2003, you can find this in the bargain bin. If you get the chance, get it. Watch it. Enjoy.

My rating .... I'm rolling with a solid 7 stars.



Devastated Peter takes a Hawaii vacation in order to deal with recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah. Little does he know Sarah's traveling to the same resort as her ex ... and she's bringing along her new boyfriend.

Released in 2008, I found this movie to be quite predictable. Have you ever watched a movie and just got the feeling that the comedy was being catered to instead of a part of the story? That's how I felt here. It just seemed to me that someone got a funny idea then wrote parts of the script around thos efunny idea's instead of just writing a funny story with funny things happening. Anyhow, the best part about this movie was Mila Kunis. I am in total love with this beautiful and talented young lady. (Who isn't, right?)

Mila was the only reason I gave this movie a look-see. I'm not a very big Russell Brand fan. However, he is actually somewhat tolerable in this film. Kristin Bell is always nice to look at but only until Mila shows up in the film, then all you can think about is Mila, which leads me to my next point, it would be easy to forget all about Sarah Marshall if I were to meet Mila. In fact, I could forget about ANYONE if I were to meet Mila.

That being said, it's still worth picking up and watching. Although, I wouldn't pay over 7.50 for it. And the best thing about reviewing this movie is .... it gives me an excuse to post Mila pics. LOL

My rating .... I am giving this a 6 stars .... but a happy six stars. Happy because Mila Kunis is in it.

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