Thursday, June 21, 2012

Carroll's Journal #35 (Black Balloon)

The drama is over. No, it really is. I have put that baby to sleep. So, if you still come here looking for it, you’re going to be disappointed. Sorry to pop your black balloon. But the person in question is finally out of my life. My world. She has been deleted and blocked forever from my email. I have left just about every group I was in. And completely out of every group she is a part of. I am making it as hard as I can for her to follow me.

Once I get my personal stuff put back up in the group “The Carroll Bryant Collection”, I will be removing myself as a mod and leaving the group only to check in once in a while to say hello. I am trying to protect my friends from being targeted like Ira was. Besides, I am going to be focused on some work coming up and maybe doing some traveling. I also think it will thrive better without me. I really do.

I got offered a chance to move to Florida next year if I want. It’s not California, but I could still go and visit there every Spring like I plan. Maybe some day I will move there. I think I just want to live near a beach again. I miss that. The salt air, the ocean breeze, the atmosphere itself is so relaxing.

And Don’t even get me started on girls in thong bikini’s. LOL

I have to make a few life-style changes. Both on and off-line. I am going to make the effort to make those changes. This blog is my lifeline right now. It is everything to me. And so are all of you. Even though I don’t know so many of you, I feel your energy. I know you’re there. And I bet if we passed on the street as strangers, I will sense who you are. I will know.

Okay, so I go into the Piketon Steak Shop/Ice Cream Shop (you know what it looks like, I posted a picture of it in my “Hometown Journal“) anyhow, I go to order a hot fudge Sunday and so when the girl brings it to me to the counter, smiling, (and yes, she was …. Um …. Very cute) LOL - she says, “You have an option tonight.”

I looked on confused. “Option?” I sought for clarity. She didn’t leave me hanging.

“Yes. This is option Thursday. You have a choice. Pay the three dollars and be on your way or …” She says, taking a piece of paper and sliding it over to me. “…. you can leave your number and get the ice cream for free. Your choice.”

What to do, what to do? “Fine.” I said. I reached down and took the pen from her and left my phone number. “What do I get for free if I leave my address?” I questioned, looking down at the paper as I wrote.

“Don’t be a smart-ass.” She replied in a giggly voice. I cracked a smile and slid the paper back to her and placed the pen down. “There.” I announced. “All done. Do you want me to wait as you call it to ensure I didn‘t give you a wrong number?”

She dips her head and stares me down. “You’re kidding, right? Look at me. You’re gonna fake number this?” I must admit, she had a good point there. “If this does turn out to be a bogus number“, she stipulated, “you’re wearing your next hot fudge Sunday.”

I smiled.

She hands me my treat. Finally! LOL I started to turn around but stopped. “Do you think I should tell you my name?” I suggested.

She smiled and slid the paper in her shorts pocket. (Nice legs too. And yes, she was wearing pink shorts. Really short. Did I forget to mention that?) LOL. “I already know who you are, Carroll.” She informed me. And return to work she went, walking off towards the back just as happy go lucky as she may. (Nice arse) LOL

The moral of this story? … I GOT A FREE HOT FUDGE SUNDAY!!!!

I got a lot of things to do in the short term future. Jenny and I are … are …. Actually, I don’t know what we are anymore. The wounds are healing. Although, she and I still get a laugh out of “what’s her name” calling Jenny a fake. That is always good for a chuckle. That person thought she was a Polish model. LMMFAO - A POLISH MODEL! Haha. Funny stuff right there.

I agree with Jenny that it takes one warped mind to go searching endless hours on the internet for no apparent reason to try and find something she can hang her hat on. The funniest part is, she still couldn’t hang her hat on it. LOL Man, the things stalkers do sometimes just kills me. It really does.

Sorry to pop your black balloon. (Or maybe, I’m not sorry?) O_o


Hey, it’s the little things in life. You know what I mean? … Sure you do. No, seriously, girls in thong bikini’s.
Getting ready to take my little buddy to go see a movie next week. Can’t wait to see him. I miss him sometimes. I love that little guy. He certainly does love his Uncle Bubby. Bless his tiny heart. Kids are so wonderful and awesome. Just love them. Don’t hurt them. Please? Just love them. They’re little kids. That’s why we have them. To love them when we can’t love anyone or anything else. We get to love the children and take care of them. That’s where real love begins. So, if you have children, love them. Love them the right way. Okay? For me? For the Carz? Thank you.

Seriously again, sorry to pop your black balloon. (You know who you are.)

I think I will go down tomorrow and get another hot fudge Sunday.

And yes, I have been listening to a lot of Goo Goo Dolls lately.

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