Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Comic Book Hero's (Part Three Of Three)

It's fun to be a nerd sometimes. When it comes to Marvel Comics and DC Comics, that was the fun times. Watching as your favorite superhero comes to life on the big screen, that's even more fun. Maybe it's all the bright colors of the uniforms. Here in part three, I honor Dare-Devil, Thor, Elecktra, and Iron Man. It's funny though, Iron Man just barely made it on my list of favorite Super-hero's, when I was a kid, he was like number 13th - but the Iron Man movies are like 2nd best to the Batman movies. My third best super-hero film would probably have to be Dare-Devil. That was a pretty good flick. The Superman movies were always very entertaining also. Needless to say, my DVD collection has quite a bit of comic book hero's in it. The only thing missing is The X-Men. I never got into them or the movies. I don't know why.

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