Friday, June 1, 2012

Carroll's DVD Review #20

Okay everyone, I have a couple of comedy's for you this week. I don't know if you ever heard of them, but they are not too shabby.


A Midwestern bartender ingratiates himself into the Hollywood system, finding love along the way.

This 2006 release showcases the beautiful Paris Hilton. (And yes, I am a fan of hers) She is the original queen of "being famous for being famous". All others are cheap knock-offs.


Anyhow, I kind of like Paris singing and her acting isn't really half bad. I have seen a lot worse.


Be that as it may, I did enjoy this flick a little more than I anticipated. I think you will too. Give it a try. I am sure you can find it for a few bucks or less. (Yeah, pretty sure about that)

My rating ..... a good 6 stars ... only because I am a Paris fan. LOL



When a serial killer interrupts the fun at the swanky Coconut Pete's Coconut Beach Resort -- a hedonistic island paradise for swingers --- it's up to the club's staff to stop the violence ... or at least hide it!

This 2004 release is brought to you by "Broken Lizard"! And this film is funny stoopid in the manner of "Scary Movie". Almost identical really except that this takes place in a tropical paradise filled with bikini hotties. (Yummy) LOL

My rating ... for what it's worth, if you approach this in the right way, you will get a little kick out of it. Not like eight months pregnant kind of kick, but a little kick none-the-less. A solid 6 and a half stars.

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