Monday, May 7, 2012

In The News: Granny Does Dallas

Granny does Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders that is.


Babies, don't let your grandmamas grow up to be Cowboys cheerleaders.

Sharon Simmons, a 55-year old grandmother of two, spent the weekend auditioning for the 2012 Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Her tryout was the culmination of a 33-year goal to try out for the famed squad.

The Carrollton, Texas, resident wanted to audition for the team when she was 22, but a number of factors - including a lack of money, outfit, routine and child care - forced her to give up that dream. Years later, as a grandmother, successful fitness author and burgeoning actor, Simmons tried again. She hired a former Cowboys cheerleader to help her prepare for the audition and said she was ready to compete with girl half her age.


Okay, I am conflicted on this one. On the one hand, YOU GO GIRL! Chase that dream. I am all for that. On the other, and I am strictly taking the side of a grandson here, I don't think I want to see my granny sexxing it up on the side line of a Cowboys game.

However, for a grandma, she is kind of hot. LOL

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