Friday, May 25, 2012

Femme Fatale

Hey everyone, I just wanted to celebrate the holiday weekend and thank you all for 20,000 views! Almost half of those in this month alone. I never expected this blog to be so popular. You know how to make a guy feel special. LOL And to thank you, I am posting this for the men and another for the women. I hope you enjoy them and consider this my gift to all of you. Thanks again.



  1. Yeah, but you got to admit - it's hot. LOL

  2. Um .... you all do know that I have "reaction" blocks at the bottom of all my posts that you can check which one apllies.

    Options are: Funny. Interesting. Cool. Lame.

    Go ahead, feel free to utilize them if you like. LOL

  3. I've "dated" a few "dancers" in my day. LOL

    And it's true, they "shook me all night long" - Double LOL


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