Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Carroll's Journal #28 (My Town)

Okay, so I thought it would be a good idea to show you around my little town of Piketon. I never lived here before six years ago when I moved here to enjoy my early retirement. The only reason I did move here was because my parents didn’t live too far away. I thought it would be nice to live near-by for awhile since I spent most of my life gallivanting around like some prima-Donna. A year later, they moved back to Chillicothe. Go figure.

Now, I wasn’t born here either. I was born in Columbus and raised primarily in Chillicothe. (And in Columbus) This, of course, in-between our constant moving around the country/world. I have also lived in Georgia (Conyers County), Florida (Tampa, Indian Rocks beach, Largo, Pinellas Park, Palm Harbor, Daytona) as well as in Europe. (France, Italy) Just to name a few places. And I do mean, a few.

Enough of the jibber-jabber. Let’s get this tour started, okay?

First off, here is the post office. Nothing special as you can see. It’s just a post office. I go here a few times a month as needed.

Next, we have the car wash. This is where I like to wash my car because it is hardly ever used. It’s a quick in and quick out. I like a clean car on the inside. Don’t want my passengers sitting in filth. Behind it, if you notice, is the old water tower.

Which leads us to the picture of the water tower. It’s pretty tall. It can be seen from space. LOL Okay, maybe not from space. It would be cool it could though, right? Haha

Next we have the Family Dollar store. I go here to get my spices and a few other household items. Also, Brittany used to work here. This is where I first met her. Say what you want about a small town, but they sure do have some sweet little honeys running around. LOL

Which leads us to the high school. Not much in appearance on the outside, it’s old. (Really old) But it gets the job done. It’s the learning on the inside that counts. Not that many of them are learning anything these days. Maybe some. Not all.

And that leads us to this building, the Government building. The Mayor’s office is here as well as the police station. Be careful though, they can be crooked when they want to be. They were really bad when I first arrived, but I have been able to keep them in check. And yes, that means they are not big fans of me. I watch them like a hawk. I have had many a few run-ins with them and their criminal behavior. But I got them in line now. They have been really good in recent months about not violating people’s rights. (So far as I know) And they better keep it that way if they know what’s good for them. LOL

Next up, the Duchess Shoppe. They are famous around these parts for having some cute girls working there. LOL Okay, maybe they ain’t “famous” but it is true, they have had some really pretty girls working there and you know what they say about business: The visual doesn’t hurt the service. Sales with a smile. - Or something to that effect.

Next to that we have the Taco Bell. I love these people here. They feed me well. Great bunch of folks. My favorite place to grab some fake Mexican food. LOL

Speaking of good food, let us not forget the Subway shop. They know how to stack the sandwiches for me. (And they do) All of them know me and they also feed me well. They skimp on nothing.

Next we have the Ice cream shop. They are the best! And that Chester’s chicken is better than KFC. Very tasty. They make a mean banana-split. (Mean as in awesome!)

Next up, the garage. This is where I take my car when I need oil changes, radiator flush, or any other small item of car repair that might pop up here and there. They also sell me tires as well as fix my flats when I need them to. (And I have needed them to from time to time) One of the guys also helps me with charging my car battery when I leave my lights on. (Once every other month) LOL

Here we have the liquor store and pizza place where I visit often. I love my whiskey and pizza. LOL Being side by side, it makes for a quick visit. I like to get both at the same time. LOL Nothing is better for a good drunk than a hot pizza! And yes, they know me by name too. Haha

I want a wiener-mobile! LOL (Just thought I would throw this in.)

This is a video I attempted to take of me in front of the Post Office. As you can see, I screwed it up. Better luck next time, Ralph. Also note the flag, see how windy it was?

I hope you enjoyed looking around my town. Maybe I will do this for the place where I mostly grew up, Chillicothe. They have a beautiful park there called “Yoctangee Park”. I would love for you all to see it. (And you will - someday) LOL

I would also like to add that my manager is now somewhere in Florida. (I think) He left Yesterday and I can’t even begin to explain the hole in my heart right now. No matter how prepared you think you are for losing someone close to you, you never really are is what I am trying to say here. Your friendship is valued my brother from a different mother. The past what, 12 - 15 years? Has been great with you as my friend. Of course, you are still my friend, just saying that not having the option to come visit whenever I want or seeing you as much and hanging out will be hard to deal with. My mind is still numb from your departure. I know you will keep in touch, but things just won’t be the same around here without you anymore. I hope you find what it is you’re looking for, dude, only you know what that is. You’re the best in every sense of the word.

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  1. you my friend, need to learn how to use a camera as well....that is not called " yeah you can see my face " from where?! smh...lol


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