Saturday, August 25, 2012

The List 2: Proof of Bullies on Goodreads

So here are the bullies for all of you to see. People who have attacked me and continue to do so by rating and reviewing my books without even reading them. You can find them on Goodreads and proof that not only are these people bullies, but you can’t trust them to give you a fair evaluation of a book. Please note, none of these people who have rated my books and reviewed them that are listed on this post (or the link provided below) have even bothered to read the books. They just hate me because they are haters. And bullies. And not the brightest bulbs in the house.

Let’s start with “tough guy” ARCHER - who placed my books in a shelf he created called ‘do not read’. How would he know? First of all, he has never read any of my books and secondly, does he even know how to read? (Okay, that was a cheap shot, but not as cheap as he is in the intelligence department) Okay, another cheap shot.

Moving on ….

STEPHANIE SINCLAIR has placed my books in a shelf she created called ‘yeah-aint-gonna-happen’. At least she isn’t trying to pretend that she read it, just making it publicly obvious that she is a hater and a bully. Sweet. But again, someone who has not read any of my books so, why rate and review, right? Oh, wait, that’s right, she’s a bully. That’s a bully’s job.

OCEANA NIGHTFERN says - “Told you STGRB were a bunch of immature authors. And liars too.” … Obviously, she is smart, considering that I do not belong to STGRB website. She also marked it as ’non-merci’.

ADE chimed in with this: “Meh. One of my best friends told me to read this book, something I sorely regret. She thought it was a piece of literary genius, but then again, she thinks Stephanie Meyer is the new Shakespeare. Why I listened to her? I do not know. What I DO know is that I Hated this book. Never Ever EVER again. I'd say maybe it's just this book, and i'd like Bryant's other books, but I really don't want to take the chance.” - Now obviously, she never did read the book, but I do like how she TRIES to make everyone think that she did. Kind of clever actually. And you should see her really, really long book shelve title she made especially for me. (It’s really long)

EBONY marked it as ‘never-in-a-million-years’. She didn’t say a thing about a million and one years though. So there is hope.

TERESA - marked it as ‘book-to-read’ then cleverly remarked beneath it, “Not. Again” - She never read it the first time. Could someone please tell her to not read it again, you have to at least read it once. Just saying.

RENAE - black-listed it. Then requested people to see the comments everybody else left behind.

JOHN EGBERT - (Not to be confused with Englebert Humperdink) - went one step further than Ebony and marked it, ‘never-in-a-gazillion-years’. Then added “Goddamnit Carroll”

RENA RUADH - marked it as ‘I-refuse-to-read’ - Her loss I guess.

ABBYSHIRE - had a nice thing to say, she marked it as ‘crazy-shit-authors-to-avoid’. I should mark her as ‘crazy-shit-idiot-to-laugh-at’. (Cheap shot)

REBECCA BARQUERO also joined in the fray. Here are some other names of people who have rated one or more of my books … but never did read any of them. So when you see the ratings of my books and these hateful reviews and comments, know this, none of these people ever read my work. They are just bullies and haters and people I would think that any decent human being would want to stay clear of on Goodreads and … in life. You can go to my Goodreads books and check out the reviews. This is where you will find these mean and hateful people.

NICOLE (Nicole is also known as Jude Henderson or should I say, Elsa Hernandez) She is the girl responsible for all of this. She is the who organized the attack against me. Now, this “nicole” simply rated it one star. The funny thing is, “nicole” was th eone who actually posted all the quotes from my “Children of the Flower Power” because she loved it so much. (You be the judge on this one)


JENNYJEN - says “Not for me due to reviews”. This is what my lawyer says is proof of “damages” caused by this bullying.

KIMBERLY KINRADE … MEGAN CURD (Rated it one star, never read it)


The list goes on and on for like 12 pages. I will leave the link to it and you guys can check it out. Take a real good look at all the names. They are the names (and in some cases, faces) of internet terrorists and bullies and haters that I have spoken about in the past. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

The only reason I post this is to show that it is still going on, (this bullying of me) and that Goodreads and its staff endorses it. And to let non-Goodreads members who come to my blog know that the ratings you see on my books and many of the reviews are lies and a result of bullying. So, now you know not to pay any attention to it. And to show a few people who have emailed me, and others who might email me about it and think that it isn't really going on, that it is really going on and this is the proof.



  1. You know, this list does indeed prove bullying.

    ... except not the direction that you seem to think that it does.

    Criticism of a published work versus personal harassment. Which one do you think is worse?

    1. How can one criticize a piece of work that they haven't even read? And most of what is said isn't even about the "work", but rather about me. That's bullying!

      It's not bullying when I point it out.

      And I never harassed anybody. If you're talking about Jude, I never harassed her. You can't harass someone you have blocked and never spoken to for months. Duh.

    2. You don't call posting a list of people and then personally attacking them "harassment"?

    3. It's not "harassment" if it's true. You might want to invest in a dictionary and learn the meaning of the word. Just a suggestion. If those people didn't want me informing others of my expierience with them, then perhaps they shouldn't have done what they did.

      I compare it to "reviewing". If it's okay to give a "real" bad opinion about a book, (which everyone is entitled to do) and it's not "harassment" then why is a little posy about a list of people who lied be considered "harassment"?

      The pendulum swings both ways. You can't defend one groups rights then attack another for doing the same thing. And what happened afterwards (the attack on me) was a classic example of "harassment" as is these fake ratings and reviews and book shelves.

      And even if you don't want to call the attack on me as "harassment", the attack on my friends was nothing but "harassment". (On them) Because they don't have anything to do with what I did yet, many of these peole, (Goodreads staff included) punished them or attacked them just for being my friend and or defending me.

      What happened to me at the hands of these people more than crosses the line of "harassment".

    4. And by the way, I didn't personally "harass" these reviewers/bloggers.

    5. And if you're not going to stand behind your words and debate the issue under your real name, then I shall not be posting anymore of your comments. I think the fact that you do not post your comments under your real name proves my point more. If you or anybody else don't have anything to hide, then post under your real name. Or don't post at all. What are you hiding? Why are you hiding?

  2. Speaking of hiding, I've read much of your blog and have wondered that if you are truly so handsome that girls 12 and up have mad crushes at first glance, why not post an actual photo of yourself? Or that commercial that you were in--where's a link to that? Or that Richard Gere movie that you could have been in--which movie was that? Just curious about some of these things.

    1. This will be the last of your comments I post as "anon".

      I never said anything about 12 year old girls. (That's just not right) I never said I was handsome. (Looks are a matter of opinion) You may have mistaken me saying that people like me as for meaning my looks when I may have meant my personality. But if looks are important to you, then so be it. (Ira has seen my pics and she thinks I am handsome. Just saying) And I have posted pics of me on here. (You just need to find them) And other places.

      As for that commercial, I have no control over it. I wouldn't know where to look for it. I don't even know if it is posted anywhere and I doubt that it is because it is just some cheap local thing. Don't really care. (Don't have anything to prove to an "anon" anyway)

      As for the movie, I never bothered with it. It was some movie where he (Gere) was in China and was set up for killing some girl and he went to prison. I was asked by Mr. Guyer to go and audition with him for a part as a prisoner in the movie. If you have been keeping up with my posts, you would know I have stated on many occasions that just because I can act, doesn't mean I want to be an actor. I'm a writer. I like it behind the scenes.

      But yeah, if I wanted to get into acting, I know the people to go to - to try and make it happen. (Nothing is 100 percent) and I have acted in local theater a few times in my community and in high school which is when I discovered I didn't really have the bug for it.

      I hope this clears up some of your curiosity. (But I know it won't) Now, post under your real name or go your way. Your choice. Nobody is forcing you to be here.

    2. Not to mention, when you get a few death threats, it might not be wise to start posting pictures of yourself all over the place.

      Also, there are many authors on Goodreads who don't post pictures of themselves. Why not go after them for it? Oh, but that's not really the issue here, now is it?

  3. What's reapply funny is I wasn't going to put you on any list. You're making an idiot of ulyojrself and trying to bulky people into doing what you want/think is right by slag tempting to shame them. You get on a list now, for that.

    1. I have no idea what you just said.

      Wait. What?

      I cannot shame anyone, they shame themselves by breaking their promises.

      I am going on another list? Why does that not suprise me?

    2. Oh, and no generic CC either. Names people, names. Or go your way.

    3. And what exactly am I trying to make people do? ... Stop rating and reviewing my books without reading them? ... Nowhere in that post did I try to make anyone stop doing it. I just simply brought the subject to light that it is being done. That's not trying to make anyone do anything.

      Where do you people come from? Seriously. I have plenty of doubt about some of you actually understanding what it is that you do try and read.

  4. Using your own words from a comment above: "If those people didn't want me informing others of my expierience with them, then perhaps they shouldn't have done what they did."

    If you didn't want people adding you to their DNR lists on Goodreads, then perhaps you shouldn't have posted the "list and all the other nasty blog posts that YOU did.

    1. **Sigh**

      Again, I did not post anything nasty. Other than posting a list about "what happened to me" - I did not "go after" anyone on a personal level and I was never "nasty" about it.

      You are talking from your hate. I already explained everything and because of your hate, you are twisting everything around to fit the round peg into your square hole.

      DNR Lists? That's what you call it? When someone makes a shelf called 'would rather eat my own vomit' - that's a little more than just a casual DNR list. And why would any "decent" person add a book to their DNR list if they didn't even read it to begin with? It doesn't make sense except that if a person being a bully.

      You're trying to defend bullies and their actions (and yours possibly) and quite frankly, you can't. (And notice I said "possibly")

      What I did (posting the list) may not have been the "right" thing to do, but it was right for me. Still, the punishment I got for it far exceeded the crime. (so to speak) It is like getting the death penalty for running a red light. I only posted about five blogs on the list and there are hundreds of people (who don't even know me) who have attacked (and still are attacking) me. Do the math.

      This wasn't about the list anyway. If it was only about the list, then my personal life would have never been drasgged into it. I was accused (and attacked) for supposedly "stalking" or "harassing" a girl that used to be my friend. (And who was actually stalking and harassing me through my friends) Who simply got angry with me because I blocked her from emailing me. This girl is the one who got these people to bully me with lies and some email I may or may not have sent (as I have yet to see this so called email) which may have been an email I responded with because of an email she sent me that was really horrible.

      The bottom line here is, all these people attacking me have no valid reason to do so other than they just love to hate and bully. I did nothing against them and do not know them and they do not know me. Decent people do not do and say the things these people have done and said against me. But they are doing it because they were lied to and manipulated by an adult "child". And when coming after me wasn't enough, these bullies went after my friends.

      Defend it all you want. You can't.

  5. And here is another classic case of people who do not understand what it is they read.

    Zal posted on the website "absolute-write" the following - "Aaaaaaand, we're back to Carroll whining about people not liking his books. I'm pretty ambivalent when it comes to reviewing books you haven't read before, but I've read one of his, and it was hilariously awful, so most of those people are probably right."

    First of all, I am not whining about people not liking my books. (Provided of course that they even read it) Nowhere on my post do I mention anything about not liking it. This post (as I made clear at the end) is to showcase the bullies and haters in action. (People who have not read the book but still give a rating and review or trash the author instead or trash the book they never read because they hate the author for no reason at all)

    Clearly, this is how distorted and untrust-worthy many of these people are. This is clearly what hate drives people to become.

    Secondly, I hold out reservations that this "Zal" even read any of my books. It would be nice if she (or he) could discuss the context of the book intelligently. I.E. - what was it about? What didn't you like about the story? What did you think about the characters? - I have a bank account full of money that says "Zal" can't answer these questions because "Zal" didn't read any of my books. (Just a hunch)

    "Zal" has forgotten 9or just doesn't know because he or she is ignorant to who I am and what i am all about) that I did get a somewhat negative review from a reader and I THANKED her for it. I even gave her a free copy of my second book for her being so honest with me.

    Sorry "Zal" - but your ignorance and bully personality is showing.

    1. And for the record ... I don't think people who give bad reviews are bullies. But I do think people who give bad reviews without having read the book or just because they dislike the author are bullies. There's a big difference.

      There "Zal" - now you can whine some more about me "whining". LOL

  6. And gothicangel on the same website says - "I don't think we can say either way. I always thought of the 'Do Not Read' as a warning to prospective readers, rather than the reviewers won't read it. And to me, Carroll seems to be suffering from 'you're too dumb to appreciate my genius' syndrome."

    First of all, gothicangel, I have no problem with people shelving my book in their DNR shelf. PROVIDED OF COURSE THEY READ THE BOOK! Which 99.9 percent of them didn't. It's just another way to bully an author.

    Secondly, I'm not suffering from 'you're too dumb to appreciate my genius' syndrome. (Even though we know that if I were, it would be true) But rather, I am suffering from 'I can tell an ignorant bully when I meet one' sydrome.

    I have never done anything against you so why you hate so much? You don't even know me (nor does "Zal") and you have never read any of my books. (Nor do I suspect has "Zal")

    Yeah, I'll go with the ignorant thingy. LOL

  7. If you're always trying to find the worst in somebody, it's because you can't find the best in yourself.

  8. If you're so interested in what's going on over at Absolute Write, why don't you post your comments over there?

    1. Yeah, sure, and while I'm at it, why don't I just throw a kitten into a den of wild wolves? (The kitten has a better survival rate)

      I'm really not that interested. I just happened to pop in today for the first time in like 5 weeks. Your website address showed up on my blog and I was bored, looking for some amusement. Sorry if it appeared as though I was really interested.

      To be more honest, I put Absolute Write in the same catagory as Goodreads. (No offense) ???

      Thanks for the suggestion though, I will keep it in mind for future reference. Have a great day. :)

  9. I am absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of hate in so many people. You would not believe some of the things people leave in their comments for me which I have deleted today. (Or maybe you would) And mind you, these are people whom I have never interacted with before in my life (Probably - or it could just be my stalker chick - hard to tell when it‘s always an “anon” posting) . COMPLETELY MIND BLOWING!

    In the words of my sister, “Must be a good time to be a priest. A lot of people sure could use a good exorcism right about now.”

    You’re telling me, sis. LOL

  10. Just a little side note here if I may. During the course of the day, I have had to delete about ten comments because of the profanity (which is a lot less than I anticipated), however, a couple of them were from people who were requesting that I add them to this list.

    Here’s the thing … it’s not “my” list. The list already existed. The people on this list (which really is nothing more than the link that takes you to my review page) is comprised of people who put themselves on it. All I did was post the link to the list. So in essence, to these two people who made the request, I can’t put you on this list. You would have to join Goodreads and put yourself on it. Sorry. But if I could, I would. Why anyone would want to publicly announce themselves to the world voluntarily as a bully and hater is beyond me, but it is your right to do so as a human being, I suppose.

    Another quick thought - if I may - but the people who placed themselves on this list actually seem to be genuinely upset with me for posting the link. This baffles me. I thought the whole point of them doing this was to spread the word about how much they hate me and my books. I kind of thought they would be happy that I posted this. My blog gets well over a 1000 page views a day. That’s a lot of views. What better way to promote their hate for me than by me posting it here on my own blog?

    Maybe they thought I would be horribly upset about it. Maybe they thought I would try and hide it from the rest of the world or something. I don’t know. I’m an intelligent man, but I can’t speak intelligently on the hating habits of other people nor can I explain what goes through their mind. But the fact that they seem to be angry at me for doing this confuses me greatly.

    So, in an effort to spare people their time from making any further or similar requests, know in advance that I did not put this list together. It was already put together and I just shared it with the world. If you wish to be added to it then you need to go and add yourself. I can’t do it for you. Thank you.

  11. For someone "really not that interested," you seem pretty interested. This is post 25 or so on the subject? Maybe you should just let it go and spend this valuable time working on your next project. Just a thought.

    1. I'm not interested in the Absolute Write website. Not all of these comments are about that site. In fact, FYI, this post is not about that website either.

      With that having been clarified, my next project has been completed. My new book "Year Of The Cat" is now available on Kobo. In the next few weeks or less, it will be showing up on all the E-Readers.

      I have some down time. Plenty of time before I start work on my next project. Thanks for the comment.

      Wait. Ira, is this you?

    2. Any self-respecting author will not set foot on Absolute Write due to the cliques and bullying by both unpublished Kool-aid drinking newbies and mediocre mid-list authors masquerading under the guise as moderators. Sadly advice on that site is both lackluster and aimed at keeping out those who do not follow the so called elite of the site. If you do not royally kiss butt on the moderators and agree wholeheartedly with all their advice, if you do not challenge a member who has been backed by a mod, if you think for yourself-you will be deemed their enemy and the mods and cliques will descend upon you from their virtual thrones and set about at destroying you and anything associated. How many small publishers/agents/etc have been deemed unworthy by the royal AW crew? How many were banned when they spoke out? How many were ridiculed once they were unable to answer? You might check out Robin Sullivan as one, she was banned simply for speaking on behalf of indie/self-publishing. I doubt they will like you there no matter what you say or do Carroll, because you are an indie/self published author. It would appear they have a biased view of publishing, have you read the reviews? Or how about Sitejabber? Do those people realize the net is full of those who can't stand their pretentious attitudes. Not only that-but newbies should realize Publishers and Agents who read the site and see the cliques and bullying toward their colleagues and companies will most likely avoid manuscripts by them. It will hurt them in the future and their chances at publication. Do they really think this group of people on AW cares if they sell their book? No! Anyone not in the cliques will be told if they don't pass the queries or publishing of the houses then they most likely need to learn how to write better books. To get an idea of what I mean-check out this blog by another writer The elitists at AW think everyone who dislikes them is either a scam publisher or a conman agent. Guess what, that's not so. Some of us writers actually don't like them. We didn't have to be told by anyone, we didn't have to be anything but able to read and see the site as one large cesspool for those who need to find legitimacy in their shortcomings. As I stated before, any self-respecting author would not be on that site. How many famous people do you see posting there? Then you have your answer.

    3. I couldn't have said it better myself.

    4. Thanks, sorry that I didn't add spaces in the post. I just hate to see the AW members harass anyone, they do it to the PA authors and they do it to those who self publish. I used to be a part of the community, but being a long standing member does not stop them from pouncing fully upon you and holding you down while their minions gnaw and rip your flesh apart. No, I was not banned, and no, I am not an ex-PA author. I was/am a member who got sickened by the antics of both the moderators and the owner.

      If you look at some of the mods they have no publishing credits to their name. You would think someone who is dispensing so much advice and spending their days insulting publishers/agents should have some knowledge of the subject by having a few books under the belt. Maybe they need to spend less time on forums and more time learning the craft of writing.

      Not only that, but the owner of the site who so vehemently disapproved of Robin's ideas published this:

      Check out the publisher. ;)

    5. I have notcied that. A great deal of these people do not create anything and yet they do nothiong all day but be online and trash everybody else who do create art.

      Maybe that's why they do what they do ... because they haven't the ability to create. I guess it is easier to destroy than create.

      It is kind of like all of these "anons" who post comments and according to my staff, they are nothing but "advice" about various things in writing and copywrite and such and I'm like, "Who are they to give me advice about writing?" and why would I listen to anyone giving advice about writing when they themselves haven't written anything except comments on blogs as an Anon? LOL yeah, I'm gonna listen to them. Haha

    6. Here is an interesting tidbit ... that book "visions" was released in Jan. of this year and ranks 1,278,087 in best sellers list while my book "Of The Light" was released about 4 or 5 months after and ranks 778,788. (It's just an interesting observation) LOL

  12. This is for you Carz. I hope you like it. I came up with this on my own after watching Jeff Ross and his roast show on comedy central. I thought I would roast good reads for you. I'll email you later and let you know who I am.

    "I hear Patrick Brown is updating the Goodreads TOS. Great, that’s all they needed, more TOS rules to not enforce."

    "Seriously though, I hear he is requiring authors to behave more “professionally”. I take that as he doesn’t think authors are being “professional”. Hi pot, meet kettle."

    "It’s hard to be professional with people who create shelves for books that read, ‘would-rather-eat-my-own-vomit’. When it comes to reading book reviews that have absolutely nothing to do with the book, yeah, give me the fork, I’ll take the chunks."

    "I don’t know what’s scarier. Having unprotected sex with Lindsey Lohan, riding shotgun with Amanda Bynes or an author being a member of Goodreads."

    "I just thought of something, of all the people who attacked Carroll on Goodreads and violated the TOS, none of them got banned. He got banned for violating a TOS that wasn’t even created yet."

    "I can hardly wait to see how Patrick defines “professional”. (Professional: Take your bullying like an adult)"

    "How about a TOS rule that requires people to actually read a book before rating and reviewing it? Wait! That won’t work. It makes too much sense."

    1. I know that guy. He's always a part of those celebrity roasts, however, I think the show you are talking about is "The Burn". I saw an episode a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty good actually.

      I like the Lohan/Bynes/author joke. Very clever.

  13. Carroll, a lot of those people are, unfortunately, victims of the misinformation campaign against you - they don't know what happened, they didn't know you, they're just being unduly influenced by others. Oceana is the one I'm specifically referring to - she's a sweet girl, just 13. Anyway, a lot of them are probably just jumping on the bandwagon, sadly. *sigh*

    1. Yes, sadly. The misinformation is coming (came) from one person. (Jude - Elsa)

      I am sure she (Oceana) is a nice girl .... to someone ... just like everyone is nice to someone ... she (they) just aint nice to me.

      My grandfather used to say: "Be careful about those bandwagons, jumping on may be fun, but falling off is a pain in the arse." LOL

      Thanks for the comment, Katy. Maybe with a friend like you, she (Oceana) will learn from this and come out of it a better person as an adult where she will no longer be "fooled" by the masses but will be able to think for herself using commonsense.


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