Monday, August 6, 2012


It's football! And not a moment too soon. Yesterday, the NFL kicked off the season with the Hall of Fame game played in Canton, Ohio. The New Orleans Saints pounded out a 17-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Sure, it's pre-season, and it doesn't really count, except for the fact that players now get to work on getting into playing shape for the upcoming season. I can hardly wait.

Many know that I am an avid participant of fantasy football leagues, I play 12 teams in 12 different leagues. Five of them in ESPN, four in Yahoo! Sports and three teams in CBS leagues. However, as for the real games and teams, I have always said I could predict winners better than the so called "professionals" and this year, with my blog, I will see if I can by predicting the season.

I will start in the NFC East division, home of one of my two favorite teams, Dallas Cowboys. Obviously, my wishful thinking is that they will take their division. (That's what my heart wants) but the fact remains that I am not sold on Tony Romo yet being a playoff caliber QB. While I hope he gets it done this year, it is going to be very difficult. With The Washington Redskins going with a rookie QB, known as RG III, and the New York Giants coming off of winning the superbowl and knowing how hard it is to "repeat", I have the Eagles of Philly making a strong run for the division. I think they will end up winning the division in a close race. With the death of the head coach's son this past weekend, they might be motivated even more to go out and win for him. I see them going 11-5. I have Dallas finishing 2nd, but making it into the playoffs as a wild-card at 10-6.  Then the Giants and Redskins both going 8-8.

In the NFC North, I have Green Bay Packers finishing 12-4, and winning their division. I have Detroit going 9-7 while Chicago struggles to 9-7 also. One of them might make it into the playoffs, as I feel the second wild-card team will make it 9-7. It will come down to several teams who I feel might make it to 9-7 and seeing how the tie-breakers work out. My gut is, neither team will make it. Then I have the Vikings finishing around 6-10. They are still about a year or two away from making a bid for the post season.

In the NFC South division, I have my Tampa Bay Bucs surprising everybody this year with the signing of the explosive WR Vincent Jackson, and the drafting of RB Doug Martin. Not to mention, their new head coach will have them fired up! I say they finish at 10-6 and win the division. I have Atlanta Falcons going 9-7 (and becoming the 2nd wild-card team into the playoffs) while Saints finish 8-8 and Panthers going 7-9.

In the NFC West, anything goes. The division winner will probably be the 49er's, finishing at 9-7. I got the Seahawks at 8-8 while Rams and Cardinals struggle at 4-12.

Over all, I have the Bucs and Packers playing in the NFC Championship game. With the Packers moving onto the superbowl. (But my heart will be pulling for TBay!)

In the AFC, I will start with the East division. I don't see anybody stopping the Pats. I have them at 12-4, and winning their division. Buffalo Bills will make things interesting with a 9-7 record, while Jets and Dolphins struggle to reach 6 and 7 wins.

In the AFC North, I have the hard hitting Ravens and the new look Bengals locking horns at 10-6 each. With Ravens getting the tie breaker and the Bengals as a wild-card. Steelers fall short at 8-8 while the Browns go 5-11 to finish at the bottom of the pack despite rookie RB Trent Richardson.

In the AFC South, I have Texans winning easily, going 13-3 as Titans follow them with an 8-8 record. I have Colts at 5-11 and the Jags at 4-12.

Then in the AFC West, I have the Raiders and Chargers locking up at 9-7 each with San Diego getting the tie breaker. I have Oakland going in as the 2nd wild-card. Meanwhile, Manning and the the Bronco's go 8-8 while Kansas City finishes at 7-9.

In the post season, I have New England and Texans playing in the AFC Championship game with Tom Brady leading them to another superbowl appearance and another superbowl defeat at the hands of Rogers and company.

Superbowl prediction - Green Bay 37, New England 33

You heard it here first! LOL Now, let the games begin already! Hahahaha, are you ready for some football?!

Oh, and go THE Ohio State Buckeyes in college. Even though they are not bowl eligible this season, Urban Meyer will have them ready to go I'm sure.

And a quick hit for the ATLANTA BRAVES! LOL

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