Tuesday, August 7, 2012



Fall, fall, fall
You fall down
And look around
And fly up again
But to fall down again
Watching from the corner of my eye
From behind the bush
I walk up to you
And give you my hand
To take
You look at me
Not sure
And I urge you to do so
I have never fell except once and I don’t think I want to
Again you say
And I smile and tell you to take my
Hand; anyway
As we spread our wings and fly around
You look deeply into my eyes
I stare at you, with something too
As we reach our destinations
And go our way
You come back searching for me
And letting the world know
How crazy you are about me
That you always wanna hold my
And never let go
As I hear all that you say
I try to stay hidden away
I’ve fallen
And I doubt you’d want this
You come to search
And find me tucked away
Seeing my tears
And listening to my fears
You hold me in your arms for
I fell
And I fell for you
You fell
And you fell for me
Lets both be fallen for a lifetime.
And so we fell in love
And lived

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