Thursday, August 9, 2012

Carroll's Journal #41 (Death Dreams)

It starts with me walking down the street. I see a line of people on the sidewalk. I ask the last person standing what was going on. He tells me it is the line for the checks. I don’t know why I stood behind him, I don’t remember working any job. But something told me to stand there, so I did. Everybody appeared to be in a hurry, there was dark clouds forming above and I don’t think they wanted to get wet. There were two people handing out paychecks to all the people in the line. One of them saw and recognized me. He walked straight towards me and pulled out an envelope with my name on it.

I noticed the handwriting. It was from a girl I know. She wrote under my name “Hello” with a smiley face next to it. I took it and began walking away. I could hear rumblings from all the other people still waiting in the line. I got the impression they were upset that I got my check so fast and they were still waiting. I began crossing the street and opened up the envelope. My check wasn’t in there, just a note from the girl. It said, “Come see me.”

I grinned. I got to the other side when a friend of mine came around from the corner, heading towards me. He suddenly shouted, “Look out!” And for some reason, I ducked. I lifted back up and saw that a knife had been thrown in my direction. It stuck in the side of a building. The building was made of brick so, that was one hell of a throw. I looked behind me and saw a crowd of about 15 people coming in my direction. My friend said, “Go, I’ll take out as many as I can for you.” So I ran.

I turned the corner and ran down to the edge of the building and ducked into an open door entrance that quickly led to some stairs going down. I went down them and ran to the end of the hallway and had a choice of left or right. I went right. I ran to the end of that hallway and saw a door to my right that when I opened it, went down again into another room and to another door that led into a sleeping compartment.

Once inside, I saw bunk-beds up against the far wall. I saw a baseball bat to my left and grabbed it. I raced to the bunk-bed and jumped up on the top bunk where lay a blanket. I hid myself under the blanket. There was a small hole in it and I could see through it just enough, and I saw two guys enter with flashlights in one hand, guns in the other. They were looking for me.

They approached the bunk-bed and one of the guys reached for and tore off the blanket I was hiding under. I quickly used my bat and slammed him on the top of the head. Then jumped to the floor in a dash and hit the other guy before he could raise his gun and shoot me. They both went down with a thud. I picked up one of the guns that were dropped on the floor (A six-shot revolver.) I quickly walked back out of the room and came face to face with three more guys who were holding guns of their own. We stared at each other for a few seconds before I brought my gun up and fired three shots. (One at them each) They raised theirs and fired back, but I rolled to the right and popped up on my knees and fired three more shots, again, one shot at each of them, when they fell to the ground dead. I realized I was out of ammo so I hurried to fetch one of their guns. When I did, I saw shadows on the wall of people coming to the scene. I ducked back into the room with the bunk-beds.

I grabbed the blanket that was laying on the floor and stood by the entrance. Two guys came inside really fast and I was able to throw the blanket over one of them then using my gun, I shot the other guy. By the time the other dude got out from under the blanket I tossed on him, I gunned him down also. I bent over him as he was breathing his last breaths. I asked him, “Why?” He said nothing, and closed his eyes. This is when I had that feeling that somebody was behind me. I got to my feet and turned around. It was him. That big huge shadow standing in the doorway. I can never see his freaking face. I just know that he has the damn drop on me again. He always does in my death dreams. I knew I was a dead man.

There is always that one guy who slips past me and gets the upper hand. No matter how many I fight in my dreams, there is always one left to kill me. And it’s always that big mofo of a shadow. This is when I wake up. So again, I cheated death. But one of these days, I won’t wait up. The shadow will kill me before I do. I will die in my sleep. And when I do, I will finally get to see who that shadow is. I will finally get to see his face. I think I already know. I think it is my “real” father, who died in the line of duty a few months before I was born. He’s been after me since I was 19 years old. He is still after me. I just don’t know why he is after me. I guess all those questions will be answered when he finally kills me.

Are we having fun yet?

My most recent “death dream” - I was throwing a party at my “dream” house in which I plan on someday, having built. (A one story, no basement, Octagon shaped building with over 25 rooms, expanding around a minimum of 50 yards in diameter. Inspired by a local church building in my town of Chillicothe) Anyhow, my manager, David, came to me in the house just as the party was getting underway, and I emerging from the shower and having just put on my pants, that one of my ex girlfriends called. Apparently, she wanted to cash in on a promise I made many years ago to her. She wanted to marry me at one time and I told her that I wasn’t going to marry until I published my first book. (True story) However, at that time, I was more into my music and recording than I was with my books. I didn’t ever think I would even publish any books at that time. More to the fact was, is, I just didn’t love her like that.

Anyhow, I have since published three books with a fourth one on the way. She discovered this in the dream and now, she wanted to marry me. I told David to tell her that I wasn’t going to marry her because the truth is, I was already engaged to Jennifer. I then remember walking the house and talking to my guests with my shirt off, trying to find it and my tuxedo jacket. I ended up in a room where they were laying out on my bed in my ’private’ bedroom. I began putting them on when I heard gunshots in the house. I instinctively knew it was her. She was killing all my guests. Before I could react in the dream, she appeared in the doorway and pointing a rifle right at me. “You gonna marry me now?” She asked.

I woke up in a sweat. The first words out of my mouth was … “What the fuck?”

I just found out that I stand to win in upwards of 12,000 dollars this year with my fantasy football teams. That’s cool. It all depends on how many championships I win as I have entered my teams in “money leagues”. I hope to win a few thousand dollars at least and if I do, I will more than likely give it all away to some kid’s charity or local food pantry or something. Good for them!

Okay, death dreams aside for a moment, I am getting excited about some upcoming things for my blog. I am working on a new series called “Outlaws, Indians, and Gangsters”. It will feature some of America’s historic and iconic figures from the early Western days and into the prohibition era. You will also learn of some of the more famous names of the mafia too. From cowboys to Native Americans and right up into the machine gun era gangsters that forced the American government to start a special task force known as the F.B.I.

I hope you will find it both informative and interesting.

I am also working on a “UFO Files” series that will feature some of the most compelling evidence that shows us we may not be alone in the universe. I am also working on going out into the field to some UFO hotspots and get a first hand account of strange things in the sky, armed only with a video camera. Yes, you heard me, I am going to become a UFO hunter. I am also going to include footage of paranormal activity and even do a few “paranormal investigations” myself, if I can. That should be an interesting series. My first post will be tomorrow, August 9th, 2012. It’s amazing news footage that you may have missed. If you’re a skeptic, I implore you to watch tomorrow’s post. I am only posting REAL footage/coverage of the topic. Trust me, you will believe.

So keep checking in, there are some really awesome things coming up as well as my continued efforts to bring you some of the most incredible people of our society in the “Influences” series and the “Legends” series. “Story Time” will continue as well as “Jokes” and much more.

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