Monday, August 13, 2012

Hollywood Crush #1 Miley Cyrus

When she first came onto the scene, I thought she was a cute kid with a lot of spunk and energy. She was always smiling and it appeared that she was having fun being her. Then she grew up, and somehow turned into a beautiful young lady. She grew into those semi-buck teeth.

Miley Cyrus has earned herself number one on my “Hollywood” crush list for only about the past year or so because every time I see her, she is always smiling, and I like that in girls. She never has mentioned any regret about playing the role of Hannah Montana and she still looks like she is having fun just being herself.
While I don’t think she comes close to being as beautiful as Masiela Lusha, I have always said that the two most beautiful qualities about a girl is attitude and confidence. Throw in a smile and presto, you have an amazing girl. I can only hope that she continues to have fun in life and enjoy it always like I hope for everyone. And I hope she stays in the business of recording more songs and making more movies. I’ll always be there to listen or to watch.

I will be contacting Vish to try and get him his winnings, being that he was the one who guessed first, the correct answer. Congratulations, Vish. And thanks to everyone who participated. Was this fun or what? LOL

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