Thursday, August 16, 2012

Carroll's Journal 42 (Crazy Summer)

Things are picking up. I am getting ready to go out on the road for a couple of weeks. I am getting away from it all. (Whatever “all” is) Anyhow, I want to get in my last hurrah of the summer. It’s been a crazy one, that’s for sure. As always, when I scoot off to somewhere, my sister, Jennifer, and Ira will hold down the fort. (The fort being the blog) I will probably take my laptop with me, but I doubt I will be on it all that much outside of emailing people. I might check in on my fantasy football teams.

I am keeping closer to the East side of things this time around. I am going to be stopping by a couple of writer groups/clubs who have found me on the internet and asked me to come and speak to them. About what? I don’t know. My books, my poetry, perhaps my music. But hey, they sent me a check so … I am theirs. LOL

I have sold about a dozen music CD’s in the past couple of weeks. That’s always nice. I will probably take some with me on the road. I am starting to run out of CD’s, might have to put in another order.

Sent my book out to the publisher, can’t wait for it to come out, I am really excited about it. (Year Of The Cat) For those who just joined us. I will be back by the time it is released and right as the football season kicks off for real. (Yaaaay football)

I got invited to speak at a school in Oregon. I have to think about that. That’s a long drive. I doubt I would take a plane if I were to go. I know it would have to be after the football season. (Fantasy football season, that is)

So it’s been a crazy summer. It was crazy last summer. It will probably be crazy next summer too. (Provided the world doesn’t end on December 22nd.) Stupid Mayans, always bumming out my good vibe. LOL (Hey, you, get off of my cloud)

Ambition is a poor excuse for not being lazy.

So my number one crush (Miley Cyrus) cut her hair and changed her look. (Drastically!) It seems that the majority say, “Bad Miley!” … I say … way to go, girl! You be you and not anybody else. I like it. That girl can do no wrong in my eyes. Sorry, that’s why she’s number one on my Hollywood Crush list.

Being macho is jogging home from your vasectomy.

The difference between a golf ball and a girls G-spot is, that a guy will actually search for the golf ball. True story.

The reason why divorce is so expensive is because in the end, no matter the cost, it’s all worth it. (Or so I have been told)

I really want to watch more ESPN, now that football is here, however, I haven’t been able to stomach that program now for several days or more. It seems like all they want to talk about is a team that hasn’t won a superbowl since the 1960’s, (Jets) and won’t be winning one for quite a while either, and … the league’s worst back-up quarterback. (Tebow) I mean, really? C’mon, man. ESPN has lost a lot of credibility in my eyes. Eh, good thing I have the NFL channel. (And Fox Sports)

The difference between “oooouuuuu” and “aaaaahhhhhhh” is about three inches.

The difference between a wife and a girlfriend is about 45 pounds.

The reason men find it difficult to look some women eye to eye is … well, breasts don’t have eyes.

I never know what I will find in my inbox. (That’s what she said - LOL ) Okay, jokes aside, seriously, I was sent this video in my inbox. It’s funny though, how some people respond to love by laughing and others, well, they can’t be made to laugh. They dwell on their daddy issues or something too much and the only love they have inside is the love for hate. I guess grandpa was right, people hate more than love because it is much easier to do, and everybody likes taking the easy way out. (Well, most everybody anyway)

I will see you guys when I return. Peace and love to all.

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