Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spirit Of The Hollidays (Carroll's Plea To The Goodreads Bullies)

This message goes out to all the Goodreads people of whom I have identified as "Goodreads Bullies". To those who go around and leave horrible and negative comments to authors in their reviews and to all the members of the Badly Behaving Authors Group on Goodreads.

Can't we all just get along? Can't we even try? Hasn't this nonsense gone on for far too long? I mean, when is it going to stop? When are you going to stop? Can't we just lay down our swords and just simply walk away? If not, why? Why do you insist on continuing to scorn authors? Why is there so much hate in your hearts? Why can't there be peace? Why can't we find a middle ground of reason where we all can just move on with our lives and stop this adolescent fighting? I know I want to. I would love to see it end. There's too much pain already in this world, why do we add to it? What is there to gain? Nobody wins. Nobody will win. What is there to win?

Why is it so important to you to try and hurt people's career? Their dreams? Could one of you at least come onto this blog (with your real name) and leave a comment explaining why it is so important for you to "tell the world" how much you hate other people? Why you feel the need to try and destory what others work so hard to build? Please? Could you just answer that question for us?

In the spirit of Christmas and the hollidays, I wish to propose an end to this nasty crap. I want to see this end. Not just for me, but for everyone. I see no reason why we all have to fight like we do. It serves no purpose.

Here is my proposal:

You go to all the people (authors) that you have attacked and delete your nasty comments and I will delete all of my posts and do my very best to get others to delete theirs regarding you as well. Let's rid the internet of all this horrible junk and lead by example to all the young people out there who look to us to show them a better way. Let's show the world that people can resolve their differences in a reasonable and intelligent manner.

Let's get rid of the hate!

If you people truely are not the bullies that I and others have claimed, if you really want to show the world you're not the bullies - then you will take me up on this offer and get with me to work this thing out.

This is your chance to show once and for all that you are not the bullies.

Why would you not want to jump on this opportunity to bring peace? Maybe we could start - you guys and myself then once we work it out, we can show others that things don't have to be this way. Work with me here. I'm just sick of all this fighting and hate. I don't understand why you feel the need to keep on fighting and hating and attacking. I would really love to see it all end. For everybody.

Talk about it in your group then let me know. But know this - everyone will see this post and my efforts to resolve this issue. If you fail to respond, to even try and work things out reasonably, think of how it will reflect on you. It doesn't matter who said what or who did what first - the point is - I am standing here willing to end this senseless battle once and for all.

I know if anyone ever offered me a chance for peace over war, I would jump on it big time. Peace and love and friendship is always better than war and hate. Wouldn't you agree?

Please, let's try and work together to take down all of our hateful and nasty posts and comments and try our best like adults to get along. To be nice. I'm not saying we have to be friends, just not enemies.

What do you say? Can we give it a try? Can we at least have a peaceful discussion and attempt a truce once and for all?

If not, then at least nobody can ever say that I didn't at least try to call for an end to this fighting. I'm reaching out to you - the chance is there for you to accept or to refuse. HJ Leonard - I am talking to you. You're the one who started the "BBA" group, here's a chance to show that you and your members are not "bullies". Here's an opportunity to resolve our differences and work to keeping the peace.

What say you? (The world is watching)

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