Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rick Springfield "I Hate Myself"

Okay everyone, Rick Springfield has a new video posted on his Youtube Channel Rick Springfield and it is called "I Hate Myself". And yes, it rocks! LOL It's just one of the songs off his new release "Songs For The End Of The World" CD.

As you all know, I am still trying to lock in an interview with him too so if you're reading this Rick (Or your management team) we would love an interview dude. Hit me up. We all love you here at the Carroll Bryant blog.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new video from the working class dog himself.

I dedicate this song to all my bully attackers, their ring leader, stalkers and haters. LOL


  1. Okay Carz, this is too freaky. Even for you. This song fits too well with what you went through this past summer. Are you Rick Springfield posing as Carroll Bryant? Or did you write this song for him? What? You mentioned in one of your journals that you were working on some kind of secret project. C'mon Carz, just tell us straight, who are you really? Why is there so much mystery surrounding you? I'm really serious here. I want to know. You came from out of nowhere and have been wreaking havoc ever since with your amazing writing. Your books, your songs, your poetry. Just tell us who you really are.


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