Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Contest 2013 (Year Of The Cat)

Read my E-Book "Year Of The Cat" and win a $50.00 Walmart gift card!

Here's how.

On February 1st, 2013, I will post ten questions from my book "Year Of The Cat" right here on my blog. Then you will email the answers to me at forcedbat(@)hotmail(dot)com - title the subject as "Contest 2013". If you answer all ten questions correctly, I will email you an additional five (5) random questions about the book. If you answer those five questions correctly, you will a $50.00 dollar Walmart gift card, and a copy of my CD "Rock That Country" as a bonus.

There will only be one winner!

First come, first serve.

I will take each response in the order they arrive.

You have from now (Thanksgiving day) and until February 1st to read the book.

Good luck!

This contest is open to anyone and everyone! If you have a Walmart nearby, then go for it! If you don't, well, maybe you could win the contest and have me send it to someone of your choice who does live near a Walmart. Whatever, however you like. It's up to you.   

So, read the book "Year Of The Cat" by me, Carroll Bryant - then on February 1st, 2013, look for the post "Contest 2013 Ten Questions" - answer them and send those answers via email to me and wait for my response. You will either get a response with five additional questions, or a response explaining that somebody else already beat you to it. So don't wait!

In the event you do not get all of the questions answered correctly, I will reply with simply, "Not all questions were answered correctly." It will be up to you to figure out which question(s) were not answered correctly. Try answering them again and resubmit your answers.

Once the contest is over, I will post the answers of the initial ten questions posted on this blog and the random questions that I send to all participants via email. The random questions will be taken from a seperate list of ten additional questions that I have created.

I will announce the winner here on my blog.

The contest ends when there is a winner or on midnight, March 1st, 2013.

If you could use a fifty dollar gift card from walmart, then read my book "Year Of The Cat" and answer the questions. That's all there is to it! Man, that is so easy! LOL

In the event there is no winner, the prize will be rolled over and made part of the next contest prize. You need not be a follower of my blog to participate. Also, Ira is not allowed to participate in the contest because of her affiliation with me and the blog.

Best of luck to you all!

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