Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vasey News Front

As everyone knows, I have an interview pending with the up and coming band VASEY and my apologies for it taking so long. However, Karl and the guys are extremely busy right now as they finish up working on their songs in the studio that will appear on their upcoming CD. (Release date not yet available) and one of the band members, Ben, is suffering through a liver infection and has been for the past few weeks so we certainly wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, the rest of the band is working tirelessly into the nights in the studio and planning their next music video. They are also involved with contract talks with record labels and so, the interview has been put on the back burner for now until these other things can be wrapped up.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am understanding of the business side of music and writing. I am a patient man and I assured Karl in an email earlier that they need to focus on the tasks at hand right now and the interview can wait. Just knowing that they will be doing the interview is exciting within of itself. The fact that at some point they will take time out of their busy schedule to do the interview is something I deeply appreciate whole heartily. It is just my hope they get their work done and Ben gets back to full health first and foremost.

I am also surprised at the response I have been getting on my Youtube Channel about the interview. It has been quite exciting if I do say so myself. It tells me that VASEY is definitely on the way up. The excitement that is already being generated promises a bright future for the band.

Anyhow, I am providing a video here of Karl talking about recent events and happenings within the band as well as near the end, he mentions the interview with me. Although, and this is quite funny, he does refer to me as “a woman”. LOL

After mentioning this to Karl, he obviously apologized for it despite my insistence that no apology was necessary due to the fact that it happens somewhat often, but he also explained that he was just tired and exhausted from the endless hours of work, and his mind just went to the female version of my name “Carol“ and he just wasn‘t thinking clearly. I assured him it was no big deal. I understand the amount of stuff on his plate right now. I just find it amusing. No harm done. LOL

So, enjoy this video blog by Karl as he explains what is going on with the band at the current time and make sure you check in with them on their Youtube Channel Vasey for further updates. (The only reason I wanted to post this video is because he mentions me.) LOL

So keep up the work fellows, I am sure the wait will be worth it and by all means, please get well soon, Ben.

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