Saturday, December 1, 2012

Goodreads Bullies: My Final Defense/Post

This is my final defense against the bullies. I just wanted to show everyone the difference between a bully and a bully victim. Since I am no longer a part of Goodreads, thanks to the bullies themselves, (thank God) then I am left to defending myself here and this is the last time I am going to defend myself because I think the picture is very clear by now, or will be by the end of this post.

The following are excerpts from comments made on my review page for “Year Of The Cat”. I am going to break them down one by one. Keep in mind that this ALL started when these “bullies” posted lies and here-say about me and my book on a website that I am no longer a part of. When Ade and her friends said that the female character’s likeness in the book was “taken” from their friend when first of all, how would they even be able to make that assumption if they never read the book? (Unless their “friend” was behind it?)

Now here is what is being said: That I am a sexist? And a racist? All because I call the bullies “stupid little monkeys?” because all they do is swing from one tree to another (author to author) and throw their feces (meaning their “hate”, “lies” and their “words”) all over the place? Oh, wait, or is it because some of the bullies are black and so they use that to form their basis that I am a racist? Are they saying that it’s okay to call white people “monkeys” but not black people? Really? Because that in itself sounds a little racist to me. Especially when the meaning of it is anything but as per what I explained above.

And how could I be a racist when I have dated women of color? Other religions? From other countries? That’s not something a racist would do. Nor do I condone hate groups such as the KKK or the Aryan Nation or the Black Panther Party. (Wait! Isn’t the Black Panther Party a black hate group? OMG! Does this make me a racist?) I’m sure they’ll try and spin it that way.

Okay, let’s dissect this, shall we?

Kara says: “I'm the fat one, apparently. Chubby Kara, that's me! Just because I shelved his book under yeah-not-gonna-happen. I'm fat and he won't even post a picture of himself. I bet he's 300 pounds. And we all know he likes young girls.”

Okay Kara, you say this like I meant it in a bad way. Actually, I was merely stating as fact. And no, I didn’t say it because you placed my book in your adolescent book shelf, I said it because you’re a bully. (And because it’s a fact) As for posting pictures of myself, I have, you just haven’t seen them yet apparently and no, I’m not 300 pounds. For my height of 6 foot 3 inches tall, I am at the appropriate weight. I was 195 when I graduated high school, and stayed that way for much of my life, getting as high as about 220 until my accident some six years ago. I then went to about 245 lbs. when I was laid up for six months because I couldn't exercise due to my injuries and since then, have gone back down to about 230 - 225. Since I left the military, I pretty much only eat one meal a day. As for liking young girls, where is your proof? You say it like I chase after young girls yet the only girl you can seemingly name that I have chased is your friend Jude. (Singular) And I never even chased her. She was the first to send me a message on Goodreads and to email me. She was the one who stalked me on my shared blog by becoming friends with my friend and asking my friend to not tell me about it so she could post her web-link on it after I blocked her from emailing me. (I know, the truth hurts, doesn’t it?) And I have proof to back it up. Where’s yours? Sounds like lies to me.

Then Ade responds: “You're not even fat. He's just a piece of work. I'm just going to wait and see how he tries to spin this once he realizes that he just gave people more ammunition to hate him.”

I just wanted to post this to show later how Ade was trying to be nice to her friend. It’s important to keep this in mind. We will be returning to it shortly. As for ammunition, what was the ammunition for you to comment on my last book? I never said or did nothing to you or anyone. Seems like you already have ammunition. It's called "your hate".

YAL Book Briefs says: “He's a sexist racist hypocrite. What he said to both of you and Jude was uncalled for. I am actually scared at what sort of stuff he does in real life.”

How am I a sexiest? What proof do you have to present to back that statement up? I sure would like to see. Oh, wait, there is no proof. And hypocrite? Proof please! If you’re gonna say it, back it up. As for what I do in real life, I write, I travel, I give to charity, you know, just the normal stuff. (While you’re at it, where is the proof I am a racist?)  And what was uncalled for was all of your comments you posted on my book(s). There was no need to continue doing that.

Then Kala says: “As for Kara, you're not even fat. Someone who is so self conscious of his own looks that he has to steal a model's photo and pretend that it's him is someone whose opinion means absolutely nothing.”

Okay Kala, you guys want the truth about that photo, fine, here it is: Yes, I posted that picture, but it was intended to be a joke. A joke that went too far. Anyone who knows me, which you don’t, knows I joke a lot and sometimes, I take a joke too far. Such is the case with that photo. Here is what happened. When I first joined GR I used my book cover as my profile picture. One day I was asked to join a Roleplay group and I did. Soon, I decided to participate in one role-play topic, all participants were required to post a picture of their character. I did not know how to navigate GR at that time and most certainly, didn’t know how to post a picture other than to place it in my “photo” section of my account. (Not my profile picture, it continued being my book cover) From there, I left the link to that photo in the role-play character section. I never said it was a picture of me in the beginning, that became everybody’s assumption at first. So I played the role-play game for a few weeks and during that time, a lot of people were adding me as a friend. Now, I never joined an online social group before in my life until I joined GR. I lived my life in the real world. The only reason I joined GR was because of my books. Anyhow, I got a few emails from people saying that they liked my blonde hair and blue eyes. I thought nothing of it at first because I really do have blonde hair and blue eyes. Nobody said anything about the picture so I didn’t put one and one together at first, but I noticed during those few weeks that a lot of people were adding me as a friend and I was trippin over it. Then a friend of mine suggested that maybe people thought that picture of the model was me. I didn’t want to believe it at the time because it wasn’t posted on my profile just in my photo section. (And a lot of people, guys and girls, post pictures of models in their photo section so it wasn’t like I was the only who did it.) Anyhow, she and I talked about it and she suggested I post it on my profile to see what would happen. To see how many people would befriend me because of it. Thinking that would be a pretty funny joke, I did it. Sure, in hindsight, bad move perhaps, but I had every intention of revealing the truth after a couple of weeks and at the time, seemed like a funny joke. During those two weeks, I got over a thousand friend requests.

. I guess I was getting all caught up in that. However, a lot of my friends already assumed it wasn’t me. But then came the day my then manager got on and saw that new profile picture and he called me up and wanted to know what the hell was going on. I explained it and he tore into me about it and convinced me that it was a stupid thing to do, joke or otherwise. I decided to just casually take it down because at that time, I still hadn’t claimed verbally that it was me. People just assumed it. Then people started complaining about me taking it down and I really wanted to tell everyone that it wasn’t me but I was afraid of the backlash then. So I did another stupid and regrettable thing and re-posted it. From there, I just kept digging my hole, waiting for the right time to let everyone know but the right time never came. So I am not perfect, I guess you must be. I am human after all and make mistakes, unlike you and all your bully friends. Some people knew it wasn’t me, others assumed it wasn’t me, and as for your friend, she knew it wasn’t. I eventually told her after sending her a fake picture when she was asking for one constantly. I soon realized after meeting Jude that all she cared about was looks. But eventually, she found out what I really looked like and she didn’t seem to have a problem with it. (Another part of the story you don’t know about) And she has been playing you guys pretending that she didn’t know what I really look like all of this time. Anyhow, it was a joke that went too far. If you want to hate me for it, fine, just stop spreading your filthy lies about me without proof or evidence. But like I said, sorry I am not all perfect like you bullies. And no, I didn’t chase girls, they chased me because of that picture. (Shallow?) I always refused their advances. I would never take advantage of people like that. I felt bad enough about the bad joke as it was.

I only kept them at friendship length. I didn’t join GR to meet people or girls, I can do that in the real world. So all of this BS you bullies are spitting out of your mouth that I chased them is nothing but lies. And I didn’t chase after your friend either. Like the rest of the shallow girls, she chased after me because of that picture, and I knew it. And she made it harder for to tell her the truth in the beginning because of a comment she made about another guy that was my friend on GR who is also an author that she told me she thought he was “ugly” and she didn’t want to be friends with ugly guys. (Her words, not mine) And I know looks are a matter of opinion, not that I think I am ugly because I don’t, but at that time, I was worried she would think so and then I would lose her friendship. Why I would want to be friends with someone so shallow you ask? I don’t know. I guess I wasn’t thinking or at least, thinking with the right head. All my friends (online and off) know I have one major vice, girls. My mother calls me Charlie after “Charlie Sheen” because he is a man whore too. Anyhow, other than knowing that Jude was shallow, I did care about her, but waited until she turned 18 before taking the friendship talks into anything more deeper or romantic. (I don’t chase after minors or date minors despite your lies of the contrary.) If you want to hate me because of my immoral weakness to my vice, fine, go ahead, we all have immoralities about ourselves to some capacity so don’t try and come off like you don’t. But the law says 18 and so 18 it is. And that is the truth behind the photo. But even more truth is this: You go to my mother’s home and you will see tons of pictures of everyone in the family. Ten photo’s of each member except for me. She only has about a half dozen pictures of me. The reason? I am single! I don’t go around taking pictures of myself! I don’t even have any of me hanging on my walls except for two, and they were when I was 6 and 9. That’s it! I’m not a vain person. I already know what I look like and so does everyone who meets me in real life so why do I need a bunch of pictures of me? Geesh.

The only people who seem to have a problem with that are you bullies. Why are you so obsessed with me? Talk about creepy. So there it is, the truth about the picture, now go post all of your bully remarks about it.

Kara goes on to say: “Exactly. I don't give a shit what STGRB or Crazy Carroll thinks of me. They don't like me or any of us because we shelve and write reviews they don't like. This is all over shelving and book reviews. Imagine that. What they don't seem to understand is that after all they have done to us, we still live our daily lives and continue to review and shelve the way we want. They have ZERO impact on anything or anyone. And they never will. The only person who has influence over my life and feelings is ME. Call us racists. Call us fat. Call us stupid. Call us bullies. Really, us BULLIES? Doesn't seem that way to me.”

No Kara, you are wrong! This is not about your negative reviews of books or your adolescent book shelves. This is about a post I made in regards to some "bad bloggers" (Or so that's what you guys said at first) that you are not even a part of (then it was changed to my personal life.) None of you who are attacking are a part of it the list or my personal life. And your "reviews" aren't reviews of the book as much as it is trashing authors on an individual and personal level. And it's about all of your lies. Calling me filthy names. And it's about how you and your bully friends GANG up on people. And after all “we” have done to “you”? Like trash authors in a “BOOK” review? And get your friends to gang up on you? (Oh wait, that’s you and your friends) And call you names like you and your friends do to me and others? (Which is well documented by the way) And OMG! Where did anyone ever call you a racist? I missed that. It’s you people who are calling me a racist. And it doesn’t seem that way that you are the bullies? Then here you go, some proof for you - Ade and all of you trash me and my book for no reason and tell lies that I based a book character from your friend on a website that I am no longer a member of - my question is why? Because had you just left well enough alone, I would have never posted my defense post. Let’s hear that again only this time, in caps. HAD YOU AND YOUR BULLY FRIENDS NOT ATTACKED ME THROUGH MY NEW BOOK FOR NO GOOD REASON FIRST THEN I WOULD NOT HAVE POSTED ANYTHING ON MY BLOG ABOUT IT IN MY DEFENSE!!!!!!!

Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in.

Ade goes on to say: “One of my best friends is incredibly pissed off about it. She took screenshots of all of it, and she's showing it to her dad (who's a lawyer) when he gets back on Saturday to see if there's anything Bryant did or said that he could get in trouble for. She's more infuriated about the whole thing than I am. I just think it's funny in a "look at the idiots say stupid things" kind of way.”

Really? A lawyer? That is classic. Please tell the lawyer to come after me. I would love to go to court against you and any of your bully friends. Let me say it again in caps: I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO COURT WITH YOU!!!!!

Let me guess, the lawyer didn’t find anything? Hashahahaha Nuff said.

Then Kara says: “I know, Kala. Thank you. I am a little overweight. But I still love myself anyway. Fuck that little twerp.”

Wait! I thought Ade said you weren’t fat? See, I told you she was being nice to her friend. Kara admits she is. (Also told you I said she was chubby because it was a fact) Thanks for the proof, Kara. But still, more on this later.

Then a girl named Jessica says: “That is disgusting!!!! totally racist- I'm so sorry! What an ass- keep posting this- no one should buy his book.”

Really Jessica? That doesn’t sound like bullying to me? Your goal as a bully gang is to keep people from buying my book? Really? Just because “you guys don’t like me?” - That is so proof of what bullies do. It’s not enough that you don’t want to buy my books that you have to go out of your way with lies to prevent others from doing it? (And the damages mount from their very own mouths) As so their intent.

Then YAL Book Briefs responds: “Ade and Kara, don't know if this will help much, but here's Blogger's TOS (Bryant's blog is hosted by them):” (Then leaves a link)

You see, classic bully behavior. Trying to get me in trouble with Blogger. It wasn’t enough to get me banned from GR - now they are going after my blog? This isn’t bullying? Obsession? Hate?

*Scratches head* (More damages for a lawsuit)

Belle jumps in with this: “He is a racist, sexist, creepy shit. Kara, he only called you "chubby" because he's too stupid to come up with an intelligent insult, and he's the type of superficial cockwaffle that thinks being "chubby" is somehow unattractive. Bullshit. He also called Jude chubby. He's obsessed with other people's looks and weight and yet he's careful to never reveal what he truly looks like. Wonder what he could be hiding?”

Again with the sexist and racist comment with no proof to support it. (And more name calling, back to that later) I do like cockwaffle though, that is funny. I never said being chubby was unattractive, when and where did I say that Belle? Proof! And I think we covered obsession already. And like I said, I have pics posted of me, you just don’t have access to them. You or your gang of bullies. Why is it important to you anyway what I look like? Sounds like someone is …. Cough*obsessing*cough ……………

Then Ade replies: “My best friend reported his blog for hate speech directly after she read what he wrote, but thanks :D”

Hate speech? Where? The only hate I see is coming from you and your bully friends. Moving on …..

Kara says: “That's great, Ade. I doubt they will actually do anything but here's to hoping. Thanks, Belle. I like being chubby. I think I'm cute! ;)”

Of course they won’t do anything because I didn’t do anything. I’m not a racist. You just took something I said and put your spin to it. That’s all. That’s what bullies do. You don’t see me trying to take down any of your blogs do you? Geesh. Talk about people without a clue.

Then Belle bounces back with: “That's what I mean - only idiots like him think "chubby" is an insult. Curves are hot!”

I never said chubby was an insult, you just took it that way. (Self image issues?) I like girls with curves. Love it in fact. I cared about Jude and she is chubby. Then I saw her real personality and blocked her from ever emailing me again. I like people for the content of thir character, nothing more and nothing less.

Then Stefani gets into the conversation saying: “Good for her! This guy is a racist, sexist, perverted piece of shit. I'm sorry you ended up in his line of fire. He's just a bully who doesn't have the balls to pick on someone his own size...though he might have met his match with you :) If you decide to pursue it, I look forward to seeing him taken down and ending up crying in the corner like the whiny brat he is.”

Ended up in my line of fire? That is hilarious. Ade placed herself in the line of fire when she commented first on my book with her lies saying that I stole Jude’s likeness. That isn’t “ending” up in my line fire. That’s jumping into the pot! Self inflicted I might add. Do you see how twisted these people think? And who am I picking on? Proof people, proof! Not just your idle babble, but proof!

But alas - there is none.

*Cue crickets*

Going onto Belle’s review and the comments left there, Jess says: “Oh my god. Just when you thought he couldn't get more creepier, he does this. Why is he not in prison, seriously?”

Did what? What did I do? And why would I need to be in prison? I haven’t broken any laws. Where is any of your people’s proof that I deserve to be in prison? If I am sooooooo old then wouldn’t you think that by now if I was doing anything to deserve going to prison that I would be in prison already? Proof, evidence, c’mon, you always want it from me and STGRB - where is yours? Just slanderous lies, that is all it is. And I am the bully? You don't hear that kind of talk coming from me about you, do you?

Who is bully? Who is victim?

Then Belle says: “He wrote about basing the character on her on one of his blogs.”

Remember when I said that Ade was being nice to her friend about her weight? We’re coming to that. Just thought to remind you. Moving on .....

Then Zoe says: “Feel sorry for the girl, that's pretty horrific especially in one of his quotes saying he wants to rape her. I would be scared shitless of this guy if I was her.”

I said that? When? Where? Wait, let me check my quotes. Oh, you mean my “book” quotes? Let me see if I can find it and post it. (BRB)


Here is the quote I think “Zoe” is talking about.

*** I stood before the armoire in my hotel room. I opened the bottle and began my journey to the netherworld. One sip after another, it didn’t take very long. Soon, my mind was not my own. The room spinning, I thought wise to crawl into the bed. I continued my quest for redemption. Part of that quest was to think about her, whom ever she may be. Jude, Isabella, I couldn’t keep track anymore it would seem. It didn’t really matter; she was everything I ever wanted in a girl, minus the oddity of her personality. Then again, the more I dwelled on it; she was refreshing in a psychopathic kind of way. One thing about her, there didn’t seem to be any drama accompanying the shadows living within. Irrationality? Sure. The folly of her ways facilitated the preemptive nature of my ambitions. And my ambitions were to rape her of the last ounce of pointlessness possessing her. I was sure there had to be some. That whimpering in the corner routine was evidence to that. I concluded that there may have been a time when she wore red ribbons on her arms. ***

Okay, I said in the book - “And my ambitions were to rape her of the last ounce of pointlessness possessing her. I was sure there had to be some.”

That is the “rape” you’re talking about? Really? First of all, IT’S A BOOK OF FICTION!!!! …… and secondly …. “I DIDN’T SAY IT OR THINK IT, A FICTIONAL CHARACTER IN A FICTIONAL BOOK DID!!!!! …. And thirdly, “THE FICTIONAL CHARACTER IN THE FICTIONAL BOOK DOESN’T WANT TO PHYSICALLY RAPE THE GIRL!!!!!!!! ……… (Taking a breather … BRB …)

Okay, I’m back. So, do you see how they spin everything? Either they just do not understand what they read or they are bullies because only a bully would purposely misrepresent a quote like that. (And think that the fictional character in a fictional book is actually real and … me?) Stupid or a bully …. Pick one.

Need to stop laughing now.

Belle responds: “He's been obsessed with her/harrassing her for months. Including sending her an email telling her to kill herself.”

Again with this “email” thing. Show me the email! Proof! I do recall her saying to me one time in an exchange of emails that she was going to kill herself. That pissed me off. So I told her to go ahead. Because if it was sympathy she was trying to get out of me, it wasn’t working. And why would she tell me she was going to kill herself? Because I threatened to block her from emailing me. I was tired of her head games. I assumed she said it to get me to not block her. I didn’t buy into it. I knew she was bluffing. That’s the only email I can think about. I offered Jude (and anyone else) to come onto my blog as a guest author and post all of their so called evidence right here and nobody accepted it. I sure would like to see this “email” they are always talking about. And while we’re on the subject of harassing, what do you call leaving lies in your so called reviews on a book I wrote that you never read on a website I no longer belong to for no good reason? That is harassment! As is Jude befriending my friend and ask her to keep it a secret just to sneak onto my shared blog and leave her website link. Is that the stalking you're talking about?

Nuff said.

*Dead horse - still beating it*

Then someone named Chris says: "Don't you need three for a trois thing?"

I assume this is in reference to another quote from the book. Here it is:

*** She stepped back, and lifted her dress off in one sweet motion. She tossed it off to the side. “Tonight,” She requested, “you will treat me like a whore.” She came forward and slowly descended to her knees. She undid my pants and removed them from my body, along with my boxers. I tore off my shirt. She took me into her hand, massaging me for a few minutes before taking me into her mouth. She never did this before. In fact, that night, we did everything we never did before. Things I only fantasized about. Things Shelly would never allow me to do to her when we were married. Things unspeakable. Things they do in pornography films. She was my whore. I was her bitch. The night was our Ménage à trois. ***

I am trying my best not to laugh here. I hope you are doing the same. Anyway, “Chris” I used it as a metaphor. (Google it) The “Ménage à trois” in question is 1) The guy, 2) The girl, and 3) (Are you keeping up?) The night. It represents how he feels that him and her are connected together and with the night. Eh, forget it, it is obviously waaaaaaay over your head. (again, not understanding what they read)

Moving on …….

Then someone new jumps into the conversation (Yeah, she knows all about me) (That was sarcasm by the way, for the bullies, because they don’t seem to understand what they read) Anyhow, Mrs. Joseph replies: “Oh, this guy is just sick. Not surprised he illegally wrote this poor girl into his book. Well, I hope she sues the shit out of him......and then some boys get at his ass Pulp Fiction style.”

I didn’t illegally write anybody into a book, Mrs. Joseph. Do I even know you? Better yet, do you know me? The answer is NO! You’re just buying into what the bullies say without getting all your facts. As for some boys getting at my ass “Pulp Fiction Style” - I assume you mean murder me? Really? That is your wish, for me to be “MURDERED?” - For what have I done to deserve you wishing I was murdered? (That’s pretty much all they do in Pulp Fiction) And this wish, does it stem from your love or your humanity? The girl practically begged me to be a part of the book. You will discover this later. Meanwhile, back to your love and humanity. Really? You wish me dead?

And I’m the bully, everyone, let’s keep that in mind here. I know it's hard and gets confusing what with them wishing me dead and everything.

Well, Mrs. Joseph, I am a little tough to take down. Just saying. Plenty of “Boys” have tried to take me down in the past and failed. Of course, they were gang-bangers and drug dealers and such … I’m pretty sure you know what I am talking about though, don’t you? *Wink, wink*

Like grandpa would say - “Birds of a feather flock together."

Then they go on with some stupid chit chat that aint even worth posting before Ade says: “One of my friends acutally loves his books, and I just don't see it. My other friends and I have tried to convince her that he sucks, but when it comes to him, she just goes all fangirl. According to her he has "character." Whenever she says that, my friends and I say "A serial killer has character too, that doesn't mean you want to meet one when he goes on a killing rampage," but it totally goes over her head. The man is still a creep, character be damned.”

First off, comparing me to a serial killer? And so far, only you people have mentioned anything about wishing me dead. Well, Mrs. Joseph did anyway. It would appear that the only talk thus far about death and murder is all coming from you guys. (Just pointing that out)

Now, do you see what I am talking about here? Ade has a friend who loves my books. (That’s cool) and yet, Ade admits that she is “trying to convince her that I suck.” Now, think about that for a moment. Ade has never read any of my books. How does she know my “books” suck? Maybe I suck in her opinion, but my books? Really? You never read them Ade. Geesh. And to top it off, this is what bullies do, they try to get their friends to follow them. I never have done that. I let my friends think for themselves. People are free thinkers and can make up their own mind. I have friends who like some of these people who attack me but I have never tried to “convince” any of them to stop liking them. That would just be stupid. And very disrespectful towards my friends.

Again, I am the bully? (I know, it gets confusing)

Ade, you just admitted that you try to convince people of your opinion. What’s wrong? You don’t like your friends thinking for themselves? You see, hate will do this to you. And again, something a bully would do. Try to convince others of their “opinion”. To try and get others to hate for no reason also. And proof that these people really are bullies. And that they are the ones obsessed with me! Normal people don’t go around trying to make their friends hate people and their work. Proof also that this attack on me has absolutely no bearing on the quality of my books and stories. Ade reviews my books without having read them. How many other books has she done this with? And while we’re on the subject, how can you review a book you never even read? It’s like, saying that a restaurant has terrible food and yet, you never ate there.

The confusion lingers ….

Then this Mrs. Joseph gets back into the convo saying: “Hey, it takes all types. Personally, I prefer my "character" to not come with the stalking and harassing of young girls. But if that's the type of thing she's into...But I'm a Southern Belle. Where I'm from men mostly protect and love women - they don't stalk little girls and tell them to kill themselves. *gag* I'm starting to get sick to my stomach.”

And again, Mrs. Joseph, I don’t stalk anyone. I don’t have the time. She stalked me. (Still is) I have documented it in some of my other posts but don’t bother trying to find it, if you’re like Chris and the others, you wouldn’t understand what you are reading if you did find it. I do protect women and children and sometimes, men. I know martial arts and having lived in the city, where gangs sometimes roam, I have had to come to the rescue of many people. I even used to work with law enforcement to catch rapists and child molesters and find runaways. I even go visit sick children during the holidays at hospitals and give them little stuffed animals. But you wouldn’t know this, would you? Because you know, you don’t know me. Your loss I guess. Oh, take some Pepto-Bismol for that stomach. You might feel better. Maybe if you didn't have so much hate inside you your stomach wouldn't hurt so much. You know, forget the Pepto, it can't cure hate.

Then Belle says: (After some meaningless posts that I have already covered) “Not that anyone believes a word he says, but for the record this screen shot taken from his own blog is where everyone is getting the idea he based the character on Jude. Jude herself said nothing about it. I'm sure she's got more interesting things to do with her time than to think about what little Carroll is up to.”

She leaves a link to something I posted from an interview or something where I stated: “As for the mystery woman in my book, I fell back on a friend of mine at that time and pretty much used her name(s) seeing how just as with my female character, my old friend had a personality conflict. (If I may say it in that manner) Much of the female character in my book was taken from that friend.”

And this is where we can reflect to Ade being nice to her friend Kara when she said Kara wasn’t fat and Kara went on to admit she has a “weight” problem. I have made no denial that when Jude and I were friends, she was the one who convinced me to change my France location to Mexico and suggested I use her name(s). Jude came off as really wanting to be included in my work somehow. She had just finished reading “Children of The Flower Power” and “Last Flight Out” and she claimed she LOVED them both! In fact, she loved “Flower Power” so much, she was the one who posted all the quotes from the book on Goodreads. So in her enthusiasm, I was being nice and gave her credit for the changes I made which she suggested. I know ultimately, the changes come down to me, but she did make a good point about the story being better if it took place in Mexico and as I have mentioned before, the big sale was her offering to edit the Spanish for me where I would have relied on a translation site to write the French. And ultimately, I was being nice by including her and associating her with the book and story. You know, since it appeared to be of some kind of importance to her. At that time, however, I would have drove a bus load of nuns off a cliff if she had asked me, that’s how much I once cared for her. (Now you bullies can post how I want to kill a bus load of nuns now.) LOL

Jude is just as obsessed with me as you guys apparently are.

The point is, this was before she and her bully friends attacked me. If she and I were still friends, I think we all know that everyone would be saying how sweet it was for me to include her in my work and or give her some credit. But also notice that I never mentioned her name. You do realize that I know like several Mexican girls. How did they know or assume it was Jude? Jude is already spreading some email around and telling people about my relationship with one of my sisters (which she still got inaccurate) so why wouldn’t I assume she is telling people that I wrote a book about her? Or based on her? I suppose the name(s) of the character could lead them to the assumption, so maybe I should give them this one.

I don’t know.

And then some more idle chit chat of things I have already covered when Zoe wraps it up with this remark: “Wow, this guy is pathetic. It's amazing how much he contradicted himself in that blog, he obviously doesn't read over what his written because that was a mess. He really likes the word 'chubby' It's disgusting what he said about Belle, Ade, Yal Book Brief and calling Kara chubby. Yeah because calling people names isn't bullying at all…”

Really Zoe? Calling people names isn’t bullying at all? (I know you are being sarcastic) Are you talking about the names you and your bully friends call me? (And called me first because of a post I made exposing a few bloggers who lied and cheated me out of free reads? Did I start whining about that and then you guys started whining about my whining? (And still continue to do so?) Because honey, you just called yourself a bully with that statement. All the names you people call me without any proof …. SMH. (As a friend of mine would say)

I guess in the end …. We’re all bullies. We’re all stupid little monkeys throwing our feces at one another. I offered you guys a chance to come on my blog and present your evidence, and nobody has. I offered a chance for us to live in peace and work out our differences, and nobody has taken me up on that yet. Gee whiz, I wonder why? And this conversation you guys posted publicly could have been done in your hate group or in messages. Why didn’t you post it there? Maybe because you want people to see the garbage you spew? Again, classic bully tactic.

This is why I have concluded that the reason you won’t accept either of my offers is because A) You have no proof to show. And B) You don’t want there to be peace with me or anyone else you have attacked. And the reason you don’t this is because you’re bullies. You’re bullies seeking attention for whatever perverted reason. Well, I hope you enjoy this last piece of attention because this is it. I am not going to accommodate you anymore.

I have given you all opportunities to present your case or live in peace and neither seems to tickle your fancy.

2013 is the year I leave you bullies behind. So keep on posting your fake ratings, and reviews, your hate and your lies ….. Keep showing the world who and what you are. If I have anymore to say about the matter, I will just post links to all the posts I have already created. And if you ever do decide that you want peace, let me know. I never refuse a chance for everyone to live in peace. Because that is what I am all about. Everybody getting along. But apparently, none of you want that. If that in itself isn’t proof of your bullying and hate, then I don’t know what it.

I'll leave it at that.

You all have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year. I look forward to reading more of all your hateful words when my next book(s) get released. (Just don’t expect me to give you any more attention for it.

And I can't wait to see how many more of you peaceful, loving, caring, normal people will wish me dead. Real classy there.

Peace and love to all. (Including the nuns in the bus)


  1. It's time to stop trying to out-smart the truth and just let it have its day.

  2. Ah, yes, MrsJoseph. She is a piece of work herself... I had never interacted with her either until she showed up in a thread and just started attacking me, claiming I was being a bully and she was "sick of seeing me all over the place bullying people." You mean all the times I tried to interject some perspective into author attacks? Yeah ... right. In this event, I was at a page where someone had written a review about a book that hadn't been released. The author had stated, publicly and repeatedly, that she had never let anyone else read the manuscript, never released any ARCs and hadn't reached the beta-reading stage yet, so there was no way the reviewer had read the book. But that wasn't what I was commenting on. One of the commenters asked (reasonably) whether the reviewer might have read an ARC or beta-read the book, and I just said what I said above - according to the author, no ARCs had been released nor had anyone beta read the book. I did not say anything about the review or reviewer - she was due her opinion, after all, even if it was just based upon the synopsis - but MrsJoseph showed up to "defend" the "poor reviewer who was being attacked" - by my statement of fact. In response to another commenter. She continued to attack me until a mutual friend showed up and told her to back off and asked me if maybe I had something better to do than respond to her nonsense (not in so many words), at which point she started whining at him about what a horrible person I am. Of course, since he had actually taken the time to acquaint himself with me, unlike her, she had no legs to stand on. Then I blocked her ass so I didn't have to see her negativity anymore. SMH (that's a good acronym)

    These people are now obsessing over me now, too, because I occasionally cannot stop myself from showing up to ask them to settle down a bit. I need to work on this, but hypocrisy and bullying really infuriates me... But I've blocked most of them so I don't have to see them, and now they can't get into my profile to look at what I'm up to, so they have to make things up based on what they see in other people's feeds, which has resulted in some ... hilarious things. Anyway ....

    I do hope they find something else to do with their time soon, because it must be so sad to have nothing better to do than be negative and cruel all the time. Best luck, and I hope things are better in the new year.

    1. Thanks Katy, I think the new year will be just great and I hope it is even greater for you.

      Sorry to hear that the "Goodreads Bullies" won't take your advice of settling down. They do whine a lot about .... well ... just about everything. LOL These are people with short-comings in their lives and since being negative is easier than being positive, they go the easy route.

      I wish Mrs. Joseph and the rest of them have good fortune next year, maybe that will take away some of their hate. It's a known fact that misery loves company. Glad to see you use the "block" and "ignore" buttons.

      Maybe if they would just stop and think about how precious life is, especially after recent horrible events, perhaps they will see how destructive they are and change.

      One can always hope.

      Merry Xmas to you my friend!


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