Saturday, December 8, 2012

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  1. Forgive me for posting here, but my comments (for whatever reason) according to Athena are getting lost at STGRB and I thought you might want to see this message back to you:

    Mr. Bryant, perhaps for a better understanding of the difference between slander and libel in general please see the following.

    The First Amendment, often tossed about as "It's my right to free speech and I can say whatever I want!" (an erroneous assumption) can be viewed here

    As you see, it covers things like addressing one's government, and freedoms for religion and assembly. It does not say citizens can behave duty-free in libelous or slanderous ways without consequence.

    Example: Do not yell "fire" in a crowded theatre or joke about bombs in an airport. That would be criminal.

    I mentioned in a prior (longer) post that hasn't seem to become visible yet that such things are matters for civil courts.

    Athena tells me in our now many off-blog emails that, for whatever reason at the moment, she cannot find my comments. Which is unfortunate as there are two "lost invisible comments" you may be interested to read. One is a small insight regarding appropriate channels versus drama, Another is a discourse regarding potential legalities, designed to serve only as social discourse.

    Perhaps someday you'll even get to read them here, If not, I can upload them to another site should you be interested and the admins here unable to find my missing comments.

    1. Yes, Gen, I saw that. And thank you. The link I left in my response was a hint that I am looking into taking action. However, the information and links you provided are very helpful.


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