Thursday, December 13, 2012

Waverly Park Video's

So David, Jenny and I met up to go to lunch recently and afterwards, swung by the park in Waverly, Ohio. David captured this video of me as I returned from horsing around with Jenny. We shot a few video's that day however, Jenny didn't want me to post any of her on my blog so I had to edit her out of the first part of it. That being said, here it is, just me strolling through the park. Don't go getting too excited, it's just me.

I wanted to do a documentry of the small park before we left then noticed the flashing red light, indicating that the batteries were about to go dead. I rushed this a little so forgive me. (I forgot to change them after taking pictures and videos at my nephew's birthday party, which I plan to post just as soon as I go through them) I actually time the end of it perfectly while counting down the seconds before my batteries took the dive.

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