Saturday, May 25, 2013


SABBATICAL - Written by Carroll Bryant

Here I am once again
Missing yet another friend
All alone and way too soon
Screaming at another moon

Red blood eyes are haunting me
Spirits of the night be free
Moving slow to move so fast
Leaving it in the past

Kidnapped from her piracy
Killing ghosts of jealousy
Fever burns all through the night
Demons left for me to fight

Poison running through my veins
Eruption of volcanic pain
Voices that are telling me
Love is lovers only greed

Chances taken here and there
Shadows follow everywhere
Day or night I can’t break loose
Your grip, I slip, comes the noose

Power trips and fateful lies
Idle talk and compromise
All of it just can’t be true
You to me and me to you

Your sword of words cutting deep
Blades that slice and make me bleed
My revenge, retaliate
Close the door to heaven’s gate

Here I am once again
Missing yet nobody’s friend
Drowning in her sweet monsoon
Screaming at another moon

Here I am and I pretend
What we did start will never end
What broke my heart will never mend
Missing yet another friend

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