Monday, May 27, 2013

Carroll's Vacation Pictures Part Three

This might be the final post of my vacation pictures. There was more, from Vegas, Roswell, and California, but I can't find them. I may have forgotten to upload them to the computer and deleted them by mistake off the camera or I may have uploaded them and deleted them off the laptop. Either way, I can't find them. Not that there was a lot because once I hit Vegas and California, I slacked up a bit on the photo shooting. I really wish the ones from Roswell were still around because I had some good shots from the Extraterrestrial museum. One of me posing with an alien. I also had a few shots of Area 51 in Nevada. I have to admit that was kind of awesome to be so close to the entrance. I could see the unmarked "patrol" car parked up on the hill.  There was no incident so all is okay.

Anyhow, to the pics ..............

Here are some scenic shots - I think from Iowa.


Oh, I found a pic from when I went to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio last year.

I found the FIRST Baptist Church, but saw no sign of the SECOND or THIRD Baptist Church. LOL

City Hall building of Adele, Iowa. Isn't it beautiful?

An out-house in a park. Ha-ha

Some more shots from Iowa.

An old train depot in Iowa.

Super 8 - Had to sleep sometime.

Look ma, I'm in TEXAS! Go Cowboys!

On the way back, I made it to Louisiana. WTF? Made a wrong turn. LOL 

The Silver Lining. (Every cloud has one they say)

Sunset (I think this was in Iowa.)

That's about it. If I stumble across any more in one of my folders, I will post them. I sure hope I find the ones from Roswell. Those were so cool. Most of the ones from California were of bikini babes from on the beach. LOL The ones from Vegas were pretty sweet too.

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