Friday, May 31, 2013

Carroll's Journal: Summer Fun

Coconut marshmallows. You had me at coconut. 

I saw them at the store today and bought a couple of bags. They are awesome!! I would love to get stranded on a tropical island where all I had to eat was coconuts and coconut milk. (Maybe bananas) Wait! Definitely bananas! 

So Jenny and I took mother out today for Mothers Day. Yes, I called her on Mothers Day but I didn't go see her because I was busy and my two sisters were already taking her out for the day so I sent flowers and promised her that on the 31st, we would celebrate Mothers Day then. We took her out to eat and some more shopping. Bought her some dresses and sweaters. 

Love you mom!!!

Things with Jenny and I are steady at best. We're .... pretty good friends. She's leaving to Missouri at the end of the year. I'm still deciding if I want to go with her. I was invited. But it's a hard decision. Granted I have changed the past year or so, ever since I met Ira, my best friend and blog partner. Everybody around me can see it. With Ira's friendship I have not gotten drunk in over a year. I Nearly stopped smoking after going about a month smokeless. My cursing has decreased also. Thanks to Ira, I have learned to slow down a bit. But I also love my bachelorhood too. 

You have to realize that the few years before I joined Goodreads, I was writing songs, hitting the studio like a madman, working on books, put together my CD, published my books - I mean - I was constantly working all the time. It just caught up to me. I got burnt out. I needed to step back for a while. I also had to step back from the blog a little. I had so much in draft that I decided to schedule it all and take a break. 

But now it is summertime! My batteries are almost recharged, and I have a lot planned this summer. Now that I finally got my own laptop, I am ready to travel the U.S. Go back to my secret place in New Mexico. (No, not Roswell. That's not a secret anymore. LOL) 

I hope this is a summer of fun. For me and for all of you. I know we all could use it, right? But seriously, make this the best summer ever! Go out this summer and chase down a dream. Make something happen! Don't take no for an answer. Don't let the bad people bullies stop you from doing what your heart wants to do. Don't worry if you're nervous. Don't worry if you fail. Just do it! Don't look back with any regrets. You only get this one life, so get what you want to get done, done. 

I know my besty Ira is going to probably get married soon. This will be both a happy and sad occasion for me. I'll miss our friendship. But on the bright side, I will gain some more nieces and nephews perhaps? But I owe so much to her. She has taught me so much about Islam and what it takes to be Muslim in today's world. She also got me over my shyness where Skype is concerned. Now I Skype all the time! LOL She's just the most amazing person I ever had the honor to know. She is also the one responsible for me blogging. She had to push me to it. LOL She's stubborn that way. But hey, look at me now. Coming up on 1 and a half years and almost at 500,000 page views. Amazing! 

June should be a good month for us here on the blog. There are some very interesting posts coming up, but wait until July! Have I got a treat for you guys. An interview with two girls (Lor and Miz) of the amazing "HoiTahPoiSha" duo on Youtube. In fact, the whole month of July is "HoiTahPoiSha" month here on the Carroll Bryant blog. You're going to love these girls, trust me! And we kick it all off on July 3rd with a preview to the July 5th interview. Check it out! 

But there will be a lot of exciting things happening here this summer and I hope you enjoy it. So let's just get ready for the best time of our lives this summer and remember, make this your summer of dreams come true. 

Have fun and please, be safe everyone. 


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