Thursday, October 3, 2013

Story Time: My First Fiancee'

This is a story of how I met my first fiancee'. I was in the Navy, stationed in Norfolk, Virgina. I was 19 and she was 22. It was my 2nd week there when a friend of mine from the ship asked if I wanted to go and hangout with him and his GF at a bar called The Golden Saddle. It was a country western bar. I didn't think I would fit in because I didn't have any cowboy boots or hat or anything. He said he knew a place and we could swing by and I could pick those things up on the way. I agreed.

His name was Glen, about 30 years old and his GF was named Bonnie, about 32 I guess. She was a plump girl but even after her and Glen eventually broke up, she and I remained close friends, almost like little brother, big sister. She had two kids, twins, one boy and one girl, they were the most adorable kids ever!

So he takes me to get my boots and hat and I also bought this belt and awesome guitar belt buckle. All told, I was set back nearly 500 dollars with my purchases.

We showed up at the bar and I was looking every bit of an Urban Cowboy. We walked into the bar, just about 15 minutes before the band would start to play. It was dark and smokey. We stood in the doorway as he searched out Bonnie, who also worked there at the bar but had the night off. No sooner did he spot her across the barroom and started heading in her direction, me on his heels, I spotted her. A long haired brunette walking across the floor carrying a tray of beers to a table.

She was short, maybe 5 feet five inches, every bit of about 80 pounds or so. Short and petite, but very beautiful. Glen had to snap me out of it. "Dude, you coming?"

I walked to the booth. There was another girl sitting across from her, a blond. I can't remember what her name was. Turned out, he and Bonnie were trying to set me up on a blind date. She was okay looking and everything, a little plump herself, but my sights were already set on that barmaid.

Instantly, there was no chemistry between me and the blind date girl, she eventually got up and left to join some other friends across the bar. Bonnie asked me if I liked her. I shrugged my shoulders. Bonnie and I knew we had a chemistry between each other but like I said, a sister brother kind of chemistry. This is when that barmaid came up to our booth. I probably stared at her like a some kind of zombie, but she kind of stared back and smiled. I ordered another pitcher of beer and watched her as she walked away.

Bonnie picked up on the vibe. "Oh no." She half shouted over the now loud music of the country band that was in full swing on the stage. "You like her?"

I turned to Bonnie. "She's hot. That's my kind of girl right there."

"Carroll," she stipulated firmly, "stay away from her. She's a man eater. She will chew you up and spit you out."

I grinned while taking a drink of my beer. "Sounds like my kind of woman."

"Stay away from her." She warned. "You seem like a great guy, you can find better. I have other single friends in here I could introduce you to. That girl is a total bitch."

"What's her name?" I asked.


The band was playing some rowdy tunes. Glen and Bonnie soon got up and hit the dance floor to do some boot scootin boogie or whatever. I remained at the booth, just glancing around when she returned. "Everything okay?"

I looked up at her from my sitting position. I extended my hand. "Everything is fine, Lorraine is it?" She smiled and gently shook with me. "Yes, Lorraine Beals."

"I'm Carroll Bryant. Nice to meet you Lorraine."

She started to walk away, looking back at me and still smiling. I kept my eyes on her and just smiled back.

About thirty minutes passed. Glen and Bonnie returned from dancing and more chit chat broke out. It was obvious by now that Bonnie did not get along with Lorraine. however, the band finally broke into a slow song. I was in the middle of conversation with Bonnie when suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm and pull me out of the booth. It was Lorraine, taking a break. "Dance with me." She demanded.

I didn't put up any resistance.

We didn't speak during the entire song as I held her close to me. I could smell her hair and skin. It was intoxicating. My heart beating a mile a minute. When the song was over, she just looked up at me and smiled. "Thanks for the dance, cowboy." Then she gave me a wink and walked away. I stood there for a moment and shook my head. While Lorraine went back to work, I rejoined Glen and Bonnie. "You're making a huge mistake." Bonnie again warned me. I took another drink from my glass. "The best thing about mistakes," I mentioned, "is the regret we get to live with afterwards."

"And you like regrets?" Bonnie questioned.

"No, but it's getting to the regret that is the fun part." I said in response.

The rest of the night was nothing more than talking to my two friends and every time the band played a slow song, Lorraine would come over and grab me and we would go hit the floor. It was awesome.

Then the last song of the night was a slow song. Last call really. Lorraine and I danced it. When it was over, she looked back up at me. "Thanks again for the dances." God I loved her smile.

"No problem." I said in return, then feeling the true effects of the alcohol. "So, your place or mine?" I blurted.

Her lit up eyes and wide smile quickly evaporated. She even rolled them as she released from me and started walking away. I then realized that I had just offended her. I watched her as she disappeared behind the kitchen doors. I sighed in my drunkenness. Glen came up and patted me on the back. "She shoot you down?"

We left and went to Bonnie's house where we spent the night. I slept on the couch. I got to meet her twins the next morning and we had a cook out before going back to the ship. I felt bad about what i said to Lorraine. It bothered me for the whole entire week. For some reason, I couldn't get it out of my head, that look on her face when those words spilled out from my mouth.

The next weekend, Glen and I went back to the bar. Bonnie was working that night but, so was Lorraine. We sat at the booth Bonnie reserved for us. It was just me and Glen really. We talked and bullshit around. I kept looking over at Lorraine. She was completely ignoring me tonight.

Finally, I couldn't stand it no more. With the band jamming and Lorraine walking by to go fill an order, I got up and grabbed her by the arm. She turned around and we stood there looking at each other. "I apologize." I said. "I know it probably doesn't matter, but I have felt bad ever since last weekend. I had no right to ask you that. I disrespected you and offended you, and for what it's worth, I truly do apologize, Lorraine. That's all I have to say. You can go back to ignoring me again." And I walked away.

Some time passed, the band decided to slow things down, shortly after I felt someone grab me. It was Lorraine. "Dance with me, cowboy!"

We spent the rest of the night dancing to slow songs like the last time. It was great. We still never talked during the dances, but that was okay by me. I just enjoyed holding her. At the end of the night she looked at me during the end of our last dance and said, "I have to clean up, it will take about thirty minutes. Wait for me in the parking lot? We can talk then."

I smiled. "Sure."

I had bought a car a few days earlier and waited for her to get done. When she came out, she walked up to me. "Nice car." (It was a restored 73' Mustang, cherry red) Then she started walking away towards her car. "Follow me. If you can keep up."

So I did.

She toyed with me on the road. She purposely ran a red light and so I had to also in order to keep up with her. I had no idea where she was leading me. Finally, we turned into a parking lot where sat a house close to a river. We got out of our cars. "You realize you ran a red light don't you?'

"I was testing you." She said.

"Testing me?"

"Yeah, I wanted to see how bad you didn't want to lose me. Go around back," she instructed while walking to the front of the house to the door. "I'll meet you. Wait for me on the pier."

I did as she spoke. I went around the back and saw a dock and pier that led slightly over the river. There was some chairs and a table so I sat down to wait for her. About 15 minutes later, she emerged from the back door carrying a quilt, a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. "Here, lay this out on the deck." As she handed me the large quilt. I did as she requested. We soon found ourselves semi-sitting and half laying on it and started sipping on the wine she poured for us. My curiosity was spilling over. "What are we doing?" I asked her. "Why am I here? I thought you were mad at me?"

She smiled while taking a sip. "I was."

"What changed?" I asked her.

"I figured any guy who could apologize for being an asshole must have some good in him." Was all she said. I chuckled. She reached over and took my glass away and placed both glasses down off to the side. Then she reached over and grabbed the back of my neck. "Kiss me." She whispered. So I did.

Fast forward to the next morning. I woke up with the sun beating down on me and I ... wrapped up in the quilt. I felt a presence and turned to look at a cute blond girl sitting in one of the chairs, staring down at me. It was her babysitter. You see, Lorraine had a 2 year old boy named Bernie. The baby sitter was her 19 year old cousin, Tiffany. She kept staring at me with a smile. I greeted her. "Good morning."

"Morning yourself there." She greeted back.

I was completely naked under the quilt and moved to secure it more around me. "I'm Carroll."

Tiffany smiled. "I know. Lorraine told me this morning." She then hesitated momentarily. "I took a peek at you while you were sleeping." She confessed.

I shrugged it off. "And ....?"

"Not bad for a white boy." She sparkled while getting to her feet and walking away. "Nice meeting you, Carroll. See you later."

I watched her walk away, focusing in on her cute ass. (Hey, I'm a guy, bug off!) LOL

I opened up the quilt slightly and looked down at my penis. "I think we made another new friend, buddy."

Lorraine suddenly popped her head out from the back door. "Breakfast is ready if you're hungry. You might want to put your clothes on first. I want you to meet my son, Bernie."

I started looking around. "I can't find my boxers." I informed her. She called back out to me. "You went commando."

"Oh, yeah." I quipped, then gathered up my pants and shirt and boots and hat.

I walked to the door and stepped inside the kitchen. Lorraine quickly confronted me. "Don't get any fancy ideas with my cousin, Tiffany, either, you hear me?" She firmly stated. "You're mine. If you have a problem with that, there's the door, now would be the time to use it."

I smiled. I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. "What? And miss meeting Bernie? No way. Besides," I added for good measure. "I'm hungry."

She turned to the stove to prepare me a plate when I walked over to Bernie in his high chair and leaned down and gave him a kiss on his head. "Hey Bernie, I'm Carroll. Nice to meet you." I took my seat when Lorraine placed my plate down in front of me. I took a stab at something. "Since we're on the subject of your cousin Tiffany, what would you say to maybe sometime you, her, and I ......" She quickly interrupted me. "Hell no! That is gross! Are you crazy?"

I looked up at her and smiled. "Nothing wrong in asking." I figured as much.

She disagreed. "Yes there is something wrong in asking. Very wrong. So don't ask." Then she sat down.

I picked up my spoon and began shuffling through the scrambled eggs. I looked over at Bernie who was hand feeding himself some eggs too and grinning. I leaned towards him and whispered. "Is she always this uptight?"

Suddenly, a piece of toast came flying at me and hit me on the side of my head. We started laughing. It was love from that point forward .... until we broke up about a year and a half later. LOL 


  1. Haha! Great story Carroll! I love the part where you talked to your, uhmmm.. "Buddy" :). I thought only my husband does that... 'cept it's after sex and he looks down and says, "good job pal". Hey I'm an erotica author... These things give me inspiration!

    1. Thanks Emma! :D

      But ... um .... don't get too inspired .... this is one of the things I am including in my book I am writing called "Norfolk". It will be fiction, but I am placing several "actual events" of my life in the military into it. It's a romance between a guy in the Navy and a girl. (Duh) LOL But yeah, a lot of my life during that time in the service will be included. I'm just not going to say which of the stuff in the book is real and which of it is fiction. LOL

      Thanks again. Glad to inspire!


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