Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Carroll's Journal: Story Time Norfolk Edition

I thought I would take a little break from Story Time: Norfolk Edition to let everyone know that I am appreciative of the response. Telling this story has taken a slight toll on me. I didn't know going into it that it would. It's been something of an emotional roller-coaster ride for me. Rehashing old memories usually is. Especially when the time this story took place, I was young and emotions were flying around all over the place. I'm sure all the drinking and lack of sleep wasn't helping either. It was a crazy time in my life that to this day, I never have been able to stop thinking about. While I have always had memories pop up from that time here and there, this is the first time I ever tried to put them in their chronological order. I've also got to see things from a much different perspective by telling this story. I'm seeing things in a whole new light. What started out as a new writing venture, from fiction to non-fiction, has turned out to be quite the challenge. When you add into it, my studio visits as I wrap up a couple more songs, I've pretty much been beaten down and humbled somewhat. The music itself can be emotional too, as much of what I work on in the studio brings back memories of old too. However, now that I know what non-fiction can do to my soul, I think I will bypass anything similar in the future. While for the better part, this Norfolk Edition of Story Time is more about my first fiancee', I have been engaged two other times, so I doubt very seriously I will be telling those stories in the future.

As this Story Time: Norfolk Edition winds down, I may be taking a short break. I have to finish up editing my new book, "Light Years Away" in order to get it ready for an early 2014 release. I also have a few charities to go to during the upcoming holiday season also. Plus my mothers health seems to be taking a turn for the worst, or so she tells me. I'm trying to squeeze out as much time with her as I can. Especially this holiday season for if what she tells me is true, this could be her last Thanksgiving and Christmas. This doesn't do much for my emotional state either. While I have always had a close relationship with her, the past seven or eight years have been the best. I credit that to my music and my books. She loves them. She could be my number one fan. That works for me. If her premonition is accurate, then I could foresee in the near future, me relocating. I have an open invitation to go live in Missouri with Jenny as she is moving back there at the end of the year. I could also end up in New Mexico. I also have options to move to San Diego, California or perhaps even Las Vegas, Nevada. I was recently asked to escort a new female friend while she visits Rome, Italy next summer. You know, since I have been there before. It would seem my Norfolk Edition has inspired her to go visit the Colosseum there.

Regardless, should something happen with my mother, I pretty much know that I won't be in the mood to hang around Ohio for a while. The only thing that would probably keep me here is my little buddy, my nephew. Whom I have a play date with real soon. What can I say, he loves his uncle Carz. LOL

So in closing, I hope you enjoy the rest of the Story Time: Norfolk Edition. Don't be surprised if it shows up on my Carroll Bryant Collection blog in January of 2014. (The poetry blog) I am debating on copy / pasting it and transfer it over to there, but broken up into more chapter like posts. Kind of what I did with "Time Of No Reply". I may also post a new story on that blog later in the new year which, like Norfolk, I thought I would publish into a book, but now thinking to publish it on the blog. The story is called "Rock That Country", and is about a songwriter / singer who gets famous by "accident", despite the fact that he really didn't want to get famous. Yes, there will be romance involved too. The story starts out taking place in Butte, Montana.

Once again, thanks for the emails regarding this Story Time: Norfolk Edition. I really appreciate them. You guys are great and the views for this story overwhelms me. It really does. Even though, I left out a great deal of "Naval" activities from the story that otherwise, would have ended up in the novel version. I still appreciate the interest in it.


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