Monday, October 7, 2013

Carroll's Journal: I Want Your Love

So the long wait is finally over and hooray, I got it done. 

This year has almost been a complete lost. I took it easy too soon for too long. My little break is over. I am back at work doing that thing I do. Of course, I don't really think of writing songs and books as work, but after 12 hours in a studio, taking the 2 hour drive back home, at night, in the rain, then it starts to feel like work. Then there is putting together a video, which I pretty much suck at. Hopefully I get better. 

The worst part about wrapping up this song, "I Want Your Love" was, I had to do it on a football Sunday. I missed out following my fantasy football teams. Turns out, they did okay in week three, going 8-4 with my 12 teams. Two of them are still undefeated in their leagues. 

I also may have lost my latest relationship too. It turns out, my new GF wanted to tag along with me to the studio and I kind of thought that wouldn't be a good idea. When I go to the studio, it's all work. It has to be. There is no time for messing around. Do you know how much studio time costs these days? Well, Google it. You'll see. And trust me, having a distraction around can add up. I have never taken a GF with me to the studio. Call me too "set in my ways", but the studio is like, my time. You know?

Anyhow, this was supposed to be a slow love song, but my producer wanted to "pep" it up. So we did, and I liked it. But alas! We also did a slow version of it too. I still need to add strings to it. It's almost done. It should be ready right about mid November, along with another song called, "Angry Birds Fight". 

I should have "Angry Birds Fight" posted on my Youtube Channel by the end of November at the latest. I will probably post the slow version up around mid December or perhaps wait until the first of January. I haven't decided yet. So basically, I don't know what the hell I am going to do. I do know this much though, a good friend of mine is allowing me to use some pics of her for one of the video's. I think I will put her in the slow version of "I Want Your Love". 

My new book cover is done and I am anxious to get "Light Years Away" released. Maybe sometime in January or early February. Can't wait for that to happen. Then it will be February or March and back in the studio to work on more tunes. Maybe later in 2014, another book? Who the heck knows. Anything is possible. 

You know, if anyone out there is hustling in the arts and getting things done, and you would like to do an interview with me here on the blog, feel free to solicit me. My contact info is posted up top of my blog in the "Contact Carroll" page. Hit me up and let me know what you're doing and I'll interview you. No worries. 

So until next time .... keep doing your thing. 


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