Sunday, October 6, 2013

Carroll Bryant Interviews David England

Today I have an interview with author David England, author of the book, Mirian. Mirian is the debut novel from self published author, D.S. England. The book is centered around titular port city Mirian amidst it’s coldest winter since records began. However, rather than following the epic heroes we have come to love within the fantasy genre, this story is about the humble townsfolk.

A war is slowly brewing between the Watch, the law enforcement of the city and The Talon mercenaries hired by The Count as they compete for dominance over the city. Meanwhile, a mysterious force creeps through the catacombs below that is set to shake Mirian to it’s very core. From law enforcement to bar staff; and common criminals to doting housewives, no-one can escape the looming threat and mayhem that ensues.

The first in the ‘Mirian’ series, this is not your typical fantasy and truly is a must read for not only fans of the genre, but book-lovers everywhere.

Mirian is David Stephen England's debut novel after eight years of writing screenplays and short stories. Although usually sticking with horror and fantasy, D. S. England is currently working on the supernatural comedy Maklar and a second volume of Mirian.

Let's get this interview going, shall we?

Carroll: So tell us David, why did you write this book?

David: Something to do (laughs)...No, I wanted to write a story about people and how they cope in a urban fantasy setting.

Carroll: How did you become interested in the topic?

David: I’ve loved fantasy for as long as I can remember, but it’s always intrigued me to think about the everyday hard working people of these worlds instead of the champions in their glimmering armour standing over some slain beast.

Carroll: What did you hope to accomplish by publishing your book?

David: I hoped to ‘get my foot in the door’ of the industry and take a decent run at writing professionally.

Carroll: Who is your intended readership?

David: Young to not so young adults, fantasy fans and hopefully convert a few people that have decided that fantasy is not for them.

Carroll: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

David: As long as I can remember, couldn’t say an age as every family member I speak to seems to recall an earlier instance of me announcing that one day I’d be an Author...although, they didn’t take four year old me very seriously... Could have been the Thundercats pajamas... Could have been my age..Who knows!

Carroll: How did you research your book?

David: I wrote only in dark rooms, by candlelight with no central heating, a few holes in my roof and a few intoxicating beverages I won’t mention......I joke, I only did three of those things.

Carroll: What surprised you about the process of writing your book?

David: How often I’d mumble to myself, trying to work out the next bit to type.

Carroll: . What do you like to do when you're not writing?

David: Spend time with my son, watch films, TV...Read! The usual stuff really.

Carroll: Are you working on another book?

David:  I am! It’s a change of pace for me as I’ve decided to write a supernatural comedy instead of my usual horror or fantasy focus, and of course, I’m working on the follow up to Mirian as well so...Busy busy busy!

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This may have been the shortest interview in the history of interviews. LOL Anyhow, best of luck to you Mr. England.

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