Monday, June 3, 2013

Deception (Tormented Pig)

DECEPTION (TORMENTED PIG) - Written by Carroll Bryant

And then my world was born

You enter into my heart
You wanted my love
I gave it to you
You wanted my soul
I bought one and you stole it
You claim it’s just you and me
What about them?
The others
Your whispers and words worry me
Do you think about me when you make it
With them?
That’s disgusting
Your perversions is only equaled
By my own
The secrets
I asked you to hide your deceptions
From me
You did
You do
Still I discover the truth
I can’t help it
I hate you
I love you
I loath you
I need you
You merely needed pleased
I clearly needed teased
There’s no loyalty in your loyalty
Just honor in your promise
But what do you promise?
How do you paint your deception?
The imbecile and the whore
This is how they will remember us
I will have long forgotten
When you pick somebody else over me
I am but a drag
You are a queen
Together we are sick fools
Forgeries of time and memories
Drag queens of some enchanted
And un-enchanting deception
I can’t see your lies for the truth
The truth is whatever I do not know it to be
You don’t even know it
You’re a dilly
And I always try to deny it
This is not what I wanted you to be
I wanted you to be
Who I am and then some
Your word is your bond
And I can’t afford to pay it
So, behind these bars I remain
Waiting for my dreaded sentence
Of shame
No bail
Just locked away with the filth
Of your actions behind my back
While you flirt with flies
On the wall
Who wish to claim your innocence for
Just one night
One time
One moment of
A whore of virgins
What do you see in me?
What do I see in myself?
And for the end of
It will be
The end of time
Is tomorrow
Next week
My best friend
My pain of pains in my last breath
My final thought
My lost hope
And me
The tormented pig that I am
My personal deception
Is you

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