Friday, June 28, 2013

Carroll Bryant: Half A Million Views!

Hey you guys, we did it! We got a half million views on the blog! Outstanding! And to think, we're just a few days shy of 1 1/2 years old. That's not bad for a smuck like me. Hey, I really appreciate it. Could use some more followers but you know, we can't have everything we want, can we? LOL It's just enough to know that you're coming here and checking everything out.

I am really excited about July coming up, we have a lot going on here. By the way, July 2013 is HoiTahPoiSha month here on the blog so get ready to discover what HoiTahPoiSha is. You're going to love it. I mean, you're going to love them.

If you get a chance, swing by Youtube and check out my new and improved music videos. There is a lot going on over there too. The changes already made is only the beginning. I am working to make even more exciting videos. I'm talking to some people who specialize in making videos and I have some exciting projects in the works.

Don't forget that when you go to my Youtube channel to subscribe. TheCarrollBryant I appreciate it.

To update everyone on current events: I am in negotiations right now to perhaps do some advertising here on the blog. I know I said I wouldn't do it, but evolution is hard to ignore. I'm in talks right now with a management team and the ideas are flying all over the place.

I'm also setting up a meeting for August to talk to some people in the music industry in regards to my songwriting. Another reason for the change on my Youtube channel.

I'm also looking into some very interesting ventures where my music is concerned. This includes possible deals with a major company using one of my songs for a national commercial. I'm also exploring the possibilities of another song to be used in a highly rated cable show, and perhaps a major motion picture. I'll be heading back to California at the end of July and into the first or second week of August which means, I might be gone when my birthday rolls around. But if I want big things to happen, I have to get out there and make them happen.

In mid August, it's back into the studio to work on more songs. I am shooting for about three new releases by years end. I've decided to put a lot more focus on my music in the near future. I've said it before that my first love is poetry/ songwriting. I feel more comfortable in the studio with the guys working on music than I do writing books right now. Not that I am going to totally neglect my books, but I really want to start getting more songs out there. To be honest, I have more connections in music than the literature field. In music, there is a lot more travel involved and parties to go to. Just hanging out with other musicians and songwriters is what it's all about for me right now. I really enjoy getting out there in the world and meeting new people.

Thanks again for a half million views. I hope the audience grows even more in the upcoming days, weeks, months and years. We're really trying to do something special here and you're every bit a part of it.

Peace and love to all.

Carroll Absolom Bryant

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