Saturday, June 15, 2013

Boy Toy

BOY TOY - Written by Carroll Bryant

Been believing
You been conceiving
Another plan to break my heart

You’re cruising
For another bruising
Soul to soul and rip your world apart

How many times do I need to sacrifice?
Your love only plays with my head
How many times can I take the blade
Of your knife
Before this boy toy is lying dead in your bed?

Your midnight touches sets my body
On fire
Holding you, there is no truth
Just this evil desire

Run away? Hell, I can’t even walk
This whole thing is such a shame
Listening to the box, I sing

Been believing
You been deceiving
Another stand you make that falls apart

You’re lurking
Face down in the fucking dirt
Soul to soul and there goes my fucking heart

How many times will you blow my mind?
Nothing you do anymore shocks me
I’m waiting on the Mexico line
For your life
To just mother-fucking rock me

Your hotel love is behind me
Years I can’t steal away
Never talk about them nights
Holding you, there is no imagination
Just two people who live to die in
The middle of the fight

Walk away? Hell, I’m better off to run
Hunted by the gun that is your eyes
Listening to the wind, I sing

Run away? Hell, I can’t even walk
This whole thing is such a shame
Nothing but a god damn shame

This is the end to everything

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