Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Carroll's Journal: Youtube

What a weekend I had last weekend! I finally got to learn how to use my Windows media and Movie Maker gizmos thanks to a friend. She said she couldn't stand it no more to listen to my songs on Youtube the way they were posted. Can't say I blame I her.

Anyhoot, The past few days have been spent making new videos for all of my songs. The effort was well worth it. I took down all those crappy videos and replaced them with new ones. The songs are ripped from the CD so the sound quality is a thousand times better. I also have new images on the videos that make it nicer to look at. Some have multiple pictures and some tells a story. Not only that, but I also included the lyrics to ALL of the songs. It's a trifecta of improvements! You should go and check them out at my TheCarrollBryant Youtube channel. I also put the new links up in the pages section of "Carroll's Music". You can check them out there if you like.

I'm also going to leave you with a sample of what I did. 

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