Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Contest 2013 "Year Of The Cat": Winner Declared

Hey everyone, I just wanted to announce that there is a winner for the "Year of The Cat" contest. A local resident of the Piketon/Waverly area named Brenda. Congratulations Brenda! She wins a fifty dollar Walmart gift card and a copy of my musical CD "Rock That Country".

And here are the answers to the contest questions: (The first ten)

1) Jason

2) Judi Felix

3) Faulty Pen

4) Judi Felix

5) Gomez Gomez

6) Jude

7) No, she stole it. (Would have accepted "Borrowed")

8) Clarithromycin

9) Yes

10) Judi Felix

* I think questions 2, 4, and 10 threw everybody off. The idea that I would have the same answer for three questions confused everyone. That is where many of you got stuck. LOL Sorry about that.

Here are the answers for the random questions: (I had ten but mixed them up and sent only five of them to be answered to each individual who answered the first ten questions)

11) Who did Lancaster find hung in the jail cell? (Full name)
* Celeste Santiago Rodriquez

12) What is the name of the mental hospital that Lancaster visited?

* Sayago 

13) Yes or no, Hernando killed Emilio.

 * No (One of his officers killed him)

14) What was the second name the mysterious girl used as her identity to Lancaster?

* Isabella 

15) Who broke the mirror in Lancaster’s hotel room? (First name and last)

* Lancaster Parks 

16) What is the name of the coroner? (First and last name)

* Domingo Estrada 

17) Yes or no, Irene was married to Fast Eddie?

* No. They were engaged, but never married. 

18) What does - “El amor es puro como el fuego” mean when translated in English?

* Love is pure as fire 

19) What is the first name of Hernando’s wife?

* Estella 

20) Yes or no, Lancaster dies at the end?

* No. (But I think he wishes he was - LOL)

Thanks to everyone who participated. I was really pleased with the response. Maybe we can do it again sometime. I'll see about putting another one together when I get back from California.

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