Friday, January 4, 2013

UFO Files: The Jupiter Alphabet

It started in the year 2002. One night in September, while asleep, I had a dream. It was nothing more than a wall made of some kind of stone, perhaps graphite or something. It could have been quartz. Anyhow, a symbol appeared in gold. More like some kind of hieroglyph. I can’t really say.

I stood there in some kind of rock tomb that resembled more a small room, totally enclosed with stone all around me, and staring at this symbol of gold on one of the walls. It burned into my head. When I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t shake it off. I spent the next few days consumed with the image of it. I was also trying to figure out what the hell it meant.

After a few days, I was compelled enough to go ahead and draw it onto paper. I felt a strange relief inside. Then, that night, another dream similar to the first. This time, another symbol. This pattern would repeat itself for the next three months. Each dream haunting me like a ghost. Only when I would draw the image would I feel relieved and the next dream would occur.

After the fifth dream, I started keeping track of the order I had them. The first image I saw was number one and so on and so on. A friend of mine suggested I keep track of that, she felt there might be a purpose to them. All I knew at that time was that I wanted them to end. They were really eating at me. They were actually kind of creeping me out.

This went on through November and then finally, after 26 of them, they stopped. I went a couple of weeks without anymore. I was thrilled. Then suddenly, I had another. It was a repeat image of one I already had before. I couldn’t understand it. It was number 16. I wrote the number down. The next night, I had another dream of number 5. And so on and so on. The new year began in 2003 and no more dreams.

It took the next two weeks to figure out what was going on. Here I had these repeat dreams of some of the images and couldn’t understand what it meant. That same friend of before figured it out for me. She recommended that I replace the numbers with the letters of our alphabet. Number one would be the letter “A” and number two the letter “B” and so on and so on. This started to make sense to me.

By the time I did that, I took another look at the repeat dreams. I took the numbers I wrote for them and translated them into letters. Number 16 turned out to be the letter “P”. The number five image turned out to be the letter “E”. And so I went down the line until I spelled out “peaceloveswar”. Of course, I had to separate them and the repeat dreams spelled out the phrase, “Peace Loves War”.

Okay, first of all, I was completely blown away. All of this coming through my dreams. I was really freaking out!

Even to this day, I still do not know or understand where I got the dreams or why. Were they just some random freaky dreams that my subconscious came up with, or were they sent to me by something (or someone) else? And if so, from where? From who?

As the days passed, I have long since came to terms with those dreams and the “Jupiter” alphabet. Why did I call them the Jupiter Alphabet? I don’t know, but I think it has to do with the Roman/Greek God Jupiter. I also ended up writing some poems that I would later place into a poetry booklet that I self published titled “The Jupiter Project”.

To date, I have not had anymore of those dreams.

Here is the “Jupiter Alphabet” that I ended up drawing. (Duplicating them in smaller version to fit one page). They are not as precise lines as I saw in my dreams, I drew them the best I could. I think you get the picture though. A psychiatrist I ended up meeting found them very chilling, and requested a copy of it to show a professor friend of hers in Chicago, Illinois. Her friend studies Egyptian hieroglyphics. I haven’t heard back from her or her friend.

I have attempted to try and find anything that resembles the symbols, but have not yet been successful. So, I sit and wait. I wait for an explanation, a discovery, I wait for an answer. All the while, I continue to ask the all important question that anyone would ask themselves, why me?

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