Thursday, January 17, 2013

STGRB Interview Update #1

Recently, I did an interview with the website STGRB. They are an anti cyber-bullying website, mostly focusing on cyber-bullying activities on the Goodreads website, Amazon Kindle Boards as well as other sites where cyber-bullying attacks occur.

Anyhow, I discovered that an attempt to hack into their website was thwarted on or around Jan. 16th. However, an investigation is currently on-going. The "would-be" hacker's IP address has been recovered. Identification of the "would-be" hacker is pending. You may read all about it here. Bully Crime.

I will keep you all posted on the situation as it developes.

Allow me to take this opportunity to say that cyber-bullying / stalking is a serious issue, not to mention, a crime. We all need to do our part to combat this growing phenomenon. There is just too many people being victimized by cyber-bullies. Their words, their actions, it just needs to stop. It all just needs to stop.


  1. Just stopped by to mention that STGRB web site seems to be blocking people who are not enemies. I check it out to see what's happening and because I'm curious to read what they have to say. I'm not one of the people causing any trouble. And with several different search engines it says something like Internal Server Error. I figured I'd mention it here in case they don't know.

    1. I'll let them know. However, please be aware that if you go to an anti-STGRB website, do not click on any of their hot-links to STGRB. All hot-links to STGRB on websites that stand against them are automatically blocked. So if you click on a hot-link from an anti-STGRB website, your IP will automaticlly be blocked. You will have to contact STGRB directly to have your IP un-blocked.

      The reason for this is, in theory, the bully crowd will flock to anything posted on these bully sites by the bullies. They often leave links to STGRB so when the bullies click on them, their IP gets blocked and STGRB doesn't have to worry about moderating and deleting all their hateful comments because they wouldn't be able to make them anymore. Plus, this keeps them from being able to see what is going on.

      Obviously, some innocent IP's will get blocked in the process, the plan has a few flaws. But one must understand that these cyber-bullies really, really hate STGRB. They are doing everything in their power to stalk and harrass STGRB. Even to the point where they are attempting criminal activities such as "hacking" into their site.

      If you can't get a hold of them to unblock your IP, just contact me and I'll forward your email and info to them and you can get everything resolved.

  2. Here is a website where you can get your IP address and send it to me to forward to STGRB to have them unblock you.

  3. So according to STGRB you're guilty until proven innocent in this ip blocking step. I am a supporter of them and I love reading up about the bullies and their farcical attempts to belittle people, but this is like a slap in the face if I'm honest.

    1. No, it's not a slap in the face. Somebody just tried to hack into their website and there's a pretty good chance it was one of the members of the Goodreads group "Badly Behaving Authors". (One of the bullies) They have to protect themselves from these people's vicious attacks too. If you were a supporter then you would realize and understand this. You would also understand that by blocking the bullies, it drives them crazy.

      It's psychological warfare. Kind of like when an arsonist starts a fire then runs away, only to slowly sneak back to blend in with the crowd of on-lookers to observe the firefighters battle the blaze. Watching it gives the sick-o some kind of rush. Now, imagine if they couldn't stand there and watch. It would drive them crazy. The whole point of starting the fire is being able to look at the damage one has caused, and being proud of it. It's part of the sick thrill for these people. STGRB is taking that sick thrill away from these bullies.

      I got blocked once too. I had to contact them and let them know. They gladly un-blocked me. But did I get mad? Did I think they were accusing me of being a bully? No.

      Any supporter would understand the ruthlessness of the people involved here. Most in part because any supporter would know how evil and full of hate these bullies are.

      Now I ask you "ANON" - are you really a supporter?


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