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Interview With Tin Vuong

Vampire Girl
I was humming right along on the internet one night and stumbled upon an interesting character if I do say so myself. A graphic artist / painter who carries about as cheery a disposition as I try to carry. On top of that, I don’t think I have met someone as positive in their work, and happy go lucky as this person is. Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce to you, Tin Vuong.

I was so pulled into Tin’s work that I wanted to do an interview with him. What made my meeting Tin so much more extraordinary was the fact that Tin’s personality and good friendly nature just simply blew me away.

The thing about some people is that when they go to showcase their art, be it books, songs or whatever, many look at it as some kind of competition or something. I certainly do not look at it as such and neither does Tin. I have discovered that these are the types of people I am mostly drawn to. I do not see my writing as some kind of contest where I feel I have to “out-do” anybody else, and Tin doesn't see it like that either.

I find myself just going about my business and only focused on what I am doing and not putting too much thought in what someone else is doing. Tin operates the same way. For us, it’s not about who is better in our fields, we’re just having fun with sharing what we do to the world and trying to help others accomplish their dreams as well. And it is for this reason that I was compelled to do this interview and introduce you all to this amazing artist on the rise. So let’s get right to the interview, shall we? (Please note: The amazing pictures you see posted is Tin’s work.)

Drape Gauntlet
Carroll: So Tin, let me ask you, where were you born?

Tin: I was born in a modest east Texas town called Longview.

Carroll: Is this where you live now?

Tin: Now I live in a even more modest east Texas town called White Oak. Ha-ha

Carroll: At what age did you start painting?

Tin: I actually started not to long ago, around April of 2011 if I recall. So, adding up those hefty numbers I'd imagine I started around the age of 19. Its just one of those cool things about doing art in general, can't ever start too soon or too late whether that be professionally or as a hobby.

Carroll: I hear ya, buddy. That is so true. So, did you go to college to study?

Tin: Oh no, with the power of the internet at all our fingertips and resources splurging within crevasses everywhere thanks to it, I personally felt it I would be alright learning on my own. I've discovered that more and more professional artists in the field of concept art and illustration followed the same path as well as those who attend reparable colleges. It really just depends on the individual, but with an ambitious focus and a heart full of passion you can do amazing things!

Carroll: I agree totally. Is there an inspiration behind your desire to paint and draw?

Tin: When a painting is crushing me among it's many digital layers, I try to keep in mind my goal of pushing to become the best I can be so that I can help inspire others to keep pursuing their continually evolving dreams as well. I think I feel that way since I was so blessed to know of other artists that inspired me to keep working in the same way when they push through their own hurdles in improving their artwork. Ha-ha, I will say though I'd be lying if I didn't mention a big core of what drives me is the ones I love and care for. I have to admit to fantasizing about doing artwork alongside the special someone I dream with and the people I love.

Carroll: Your passion for your work really shows. How many paintings do you think you have done so far?

Tin: Wow, now that's a pickle of a question I'm not sure many could stomach, Ha-ha. When it comes to a digital paintings in general, I've done dozens of dozens which is something I think all passionate artists could easily come to accomplish. In terms of finished illustrations I've probably done a bit over a dozen or so, though most of which haven't seen the light of day due to NDA, Ha-ha. In terms of traditional paintings I've only done that 2-3 times just for fun and as gifts. Really would like to do more of it if I had more time to invest into it or the budget, Ha-ha.

Hand Heart
Carroll: I have noticed that you throw about as many “Ha-ha’s” out there as I do “LOL’s”. (LOL) But moving on, do you sell your work? If so, how much would one expect to pay for your work?

Tin: As I mentioned earlier I don't work traditionally too often so I wouldn't sell those, and as for digital work outside of commissions or freelance I prefer to just sell prints of my own work. Depending on the size they would go anywhere from 10 to 25 dollars with or without shipping.

Carroll: That sounds like a reasonable price. Allow me to jump off subject and ask you a personal question, if you care to answer, but are you married? Have kids? If not, is marriage and children in your future plans?

Military Portrait
Tin: Ha-ha, I feel I'm a bit to young for being married or having kids, but those are both passions I would love to one day have alongside the one special to me. With a wife and children looking to you for love and leadership, how could that not inspire me to work 10x harder to achieve a more fruitful life for them!

Carroll: That sounds very nice. Not many stay single for as long as I have. I suppose a wife and kids would be very inspiring though. Okay, I don’t want to make you too uncomfortable so I’ll jump back to your art. How long does it take for you to do a painting? (On average) And what was the longest time you ever spent painting one painting?

Tin: Given I get the chance to work a minimum of 8 hours a day on a painting I could crank it out in a week give or take a few days depending on how much polishing the client wants. As for the longest I'd say around 3 weeks due to changes in original ideas, revisions, and the vast size of the illustration. Above all though, its making it within the deadline that's most important in terms of time!

Forest of Spirits
Carroll: Ah, yes, those pesky deadlines. Sometimes they are hard to elude. Okay, one final question. Do you teach, if not, do you think you would ever want to teach in the future?

Tin: I don't teach, but in a way I try to teach what I know. I feel it could be helpful to others (or just cool to see, ha-ha). Usually, those become things such as step-by-steps of illustrations I've done, or me helping in the ways I can when others contact me whether that's through email, forums, or any other social means. For me one of the keys to becoming a successful artist, which I learned from other great artists and teachings, is to help others achieve their dreams and in a way it will inevitably helps you achieve yours as well!

Carroll: Again, I couldn’t agree more. I try to help others as much as I can to. Maybe this is why you and I have connected so well. I think we are a lot alike in our approach to each of our respected crafts.

Tin: Aww, and I guess that's all the questions already, ha-ha. I had a lot of fun answering your questions, Carroll, and I was hoping to be able to answer even more! I guess all that I can say to conclude is thank you so much for the opportunity once again for the interview, and for all those readers out there I thank you all for your time and hope you all continue to pursue and achieve all the things you know is worth fighting for~!

Carroll: Well thank you, Tin. Maybe I’ll do another interview with you again in the future. I’ve really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you a little bit more. I’m sure my readers enjoyed it too. (At least I hope they did.) LOL And thanks for spending a little time with us here on my blog. You do very fine work and appear to be getting better and better. With your passion, I think you’ll become one of the best. And with your attitude, there is no way you could ever fail.

Night of Fire
Well everyone, that about wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed this interview with graphic artist and painter, Tin Vuong. I hope you also enjoyed his work I have displayed in this interview and please feel free to visit his blog and check out more of his work. If you’re an independent author and looking for perhaps a book cover, maybe you can contact Tin, I’m sure you could work something out with him. He is very easy to get along with. He is a very friendly guy.

You can check out his art-blog here. Pervy's (Tin Vuong) Art Blog

Once again, I want to thank Tin for the interview. Best of luck to you my friend, and your work. Maybe we will get together again in the future and do another interview while catching up with some of your new works. And with that, I will wrap this up with some more of Tin's amazing art. For everyone else, please visit Tin's blog to see even more of his drawings. I think you will enjoy it.

For authors, or anybody else, if you wish to contact Tin to commission him to maybe do a book cover or whatever, you may do so on his blog.

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