Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Looking Glass

THE LOOKING GLASS - Written by Carroll Bryant

(Dedicated to the Goodreads bullies)

Mirror, mirror on the wall 
Who is that image I just saw? 
T'was a shadows glimpse that I did see 
Looked again and it was me 

A fallowed sport so proper and fine 
Fearful chills up and down thy spine 
To whom considers ones dirty deeds? 
Self absorbed in ones own greed 

A hammers claw so sharp a touch 
Without a thought he sought as much 
Glaring at a great divide 
Foretells a tale his eyes met mine 

No word spoken is no word heard 
Stroking keys aspire to hurt 
Raging hate swirls in pain 
Spreading lies and calling names 

To what so glimmers like a star 
Gives you the right to rip apart 
Dreams so scattered and scathed they lay 
Careers forsaken in the slay 

Holier than thou they sit amused 
Preying on all the confused 
Not a care to what they done 
Now we watch them as they run 

Pulled into their wicked show 
Rumors dance amid their glow 
Smiles burn all else to ash 
Welcome to the looking glass 

Emotional death by homicide 
Hearts come hither love suicide 
Extend the arm of one sad bully 
Allow me to introduce myself, I am Mr. Tom Foolery

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