Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goodreads Bullies At It Again

By now, many of you know about the attack on me on the website "Goodreads" that was launched by Jude Henderson, (who's real name is Elsa Hernandez). It was planned, it was vicious, and when they attacked, it was like a swarm of bee's. Since then things seemed to have calmed down a bit. I give a lot of thanks to that to the folks at STGRB. They have been working relentlessly to expose these bullies, and to try and ensure that this kind of attack doesn't happen to others. However, recently, these Goodreads bullies have taken it upon themselves to go after yet another author. His name is M.T. Dismuke.

This attack was started on Amazon Kindle Boards (where apparently, they too foster, condone and endorse this kind of behavior) then it spilled over to Goodreads where they attacked him on (his) M.T.'s Goodreads account. True to form, these bullies are now doing to him what they did to me. As the evidence shows, they are rating and reviewing his book with one stars and placing his work into ridiculous book shelves when they haven't even read his book. And what did Mr. Dismuke do to justify this attack? He simply posted a question on Kindle Boards in regards to "rating and reviewing E-Books when an author offers their work for free." I guess he wanted to know if it was too much to ask to recieve one when an author offers their work free of charge for the reading public. Not that "he" was asking on behalf of himself, but in general. And these bullies took some kind of offense to the question and started attacking him.

How pathetic has our society fallen when a person can't even ask a simple question anymore without being attacked by "so-called" adults? How much more pathetic can these bullies sink? To what level of insanity do these morons reside? And if you notice, there are many familiar names on his attack as was (is) on mine.

I beseech you all to show support for Mr. Dismuke and if you are a member of Goodreads, go to his profile and his book where these reviews are being left and flag them. Also post reinforcing comments for Mr. Dismuke to show your support. Write to Patrick Brown , the manager of Goodreads, or to Otis Chandler, the creator of Goodreads, and demand that they put an end to this kind of idiocy at once, and punish those involved as what these people are doing is in full violation of the Goodreads ToS. Demand that they enforce that ToS!

For Mr. Dismuke, I offer these words as one who knows exactly what he is going through - Don't give up. Don't let these bullies win. Keep writing, keep doing your thing. And maybe someday, good people won't have to put up with this kind of behavior on the internet. And to these bullies I say, you are all nothing but a bunch of f#*king cowards and haters. I hope there is a heaven and a God and a hell where people like you will most certainly call home eventually. And to all other authors out there, tread carefully where Goodreads and Kindle Boards are concerned. These two websites are key sources for bullying against Indie authors. If you can avoid these websites in your pursuit of a writing career, then do so by all means. Otherwise, be careful of these people whom these two websites obviously allow to roam amuck on them. Many of the Goodreads Librarians are huge contributors to this bullying as evident right here.

To keep up with this and other stories about the Goodreads bullies, keep going to STGRB. They are on top of everything and offer a list of people and blogs to avoid or watch out for and advice in so that this kind of thing doesn't happen to you.


Well, I just went back into M.T.'s GR profile and took a look at those hateful reviews and saw that they were taken down. Not hidden, but completely deleted. If GR took them down then great. (Why they didn't show me the same courtesy, I don't know.) Rest assured, STGRB and I will monitor the situation. If you want to see the reviews, go to STGRB and read them for yourself and see who said what. Now, if only all of these types of bully reviews would be removed and the people doing it, punished. Maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but a person can dream, can't they?


I stand half corrected. (I think) Some of them may have been taken down. There are more that remains right here.


So I just learned that M.T. took down those reviews. I should have known that GR wasn't going to bother. I guess they are still endorsing bully behavior. What else is new?

So, let's give some of these "intelligently challenged" bullies their 15 minutes, shall we?

Oh, look, ARCHER has shown up yet again. No surprise there. LOL I'm starting to think that nut-job gets paid to bully. Paid by who? One can only speculate. *Cough*Goodreads*Cough*

I also see jordyn/lost in zombieland says "waste of my time". First of all, she is lost in stupid land. Second, she herself is a waste. Like Archer, she is always there at the scene of the crime. Where there is a bully attack, there is Jordyn and Archer.

Then I see someone caling themselves Book (booklover9384) who has placed the book in a shelf that reads like a book. The shelf is called "batshitcrazyauthor, butt-hurt author-whines-about-butt, donotsupporttheloco, supports-stgrb, call-the-whaaaaaambulance" - Wow! Talk about a "butt-shit-reviewer-bully-who-needs-therapy-for-whining- about-authors" LOL

Then there's Kana with her shelf, "author-foot-in-mouth-disease" - Like she should be the one to talk. Looks like she has "ten-foot-forehead-shines-like-a-new-nickel" disease. Not to mention, "shit-for-brains-disease".

Belle marked it simply as "snowflakes". - WTF does that even mean? Is that something she snorts?

Jessie (Ageless Page Reviews) marked it as "will-not-read" - Perhaps she should have marked it, "can-not-read" - LOL

And then there is Tracy Guinther, who like Archer and Jordyn, always seems to be right in the middle of attacking people along with her bully friends. But the one I take a special interest in is Cheryl M-M who marked it "author-supports-cyberstalkers-and-b" - I am suprised at this one because if she thinks M.T. supports cyberstalkers then that would mean he supports her. She is a cyber-staker, after-all. I highly doubt that is the case. In any event, I hope you bullies are pleased. You are getting more famous now, but for all the wrong reasons. Keep showing the world the kind of hater you all are. You amuse us with your childish mannerisms.

Update 4:

On March 31st, 2014, I discovered that M.T. (Mike) Dismuke is nothing but a back stabbing, judgmental, lying little coward of a pussy ass punk. He secretly talked about me behind my back to others instead of being a real man and confronting me with any questions he may have had in regards to my integrity. He's nothing but a gossipy little woman (my apologies to women world wide) who belongs in a beauty salon with other little gossipy women. He is a bully, and not to be trusted. Which is why I removed his interview, the ungrateful little bitch. And Mike, you can .... suck my balls, boy. Next time you have a problem with me, be a man and talk to me about it. Now I am beginning to think that maybe the bullies had good reason to attack your dumb ass. You're a piece of shit. 


  1. I am shocked at the blind willingness of people to believe M.T.'s edited version of what really took place. Shame on him.

    1. If you know something that we don't, I would sure like to hear it (and or see it) Elly. But I have to confess, many of the people who are attacking him are the ones who attacked me and I know for a fact in my case, these people had no business doing so. It just looks bad for them. These are "repeat" offenders we are talking about. But ganging up on and attacking people publically has got to stop. Giving false ratings on books that were never read has got to stop. If you have a problem with someone, deal with them privately. Otherwise, you're just going to make yourself look like the bully, even if you are not. It's all about appearances. When people see a group of folks attacking someone, with no proof to support their claim or even if they do have proof, it's a lynch mob mentality and more often than not, by-standers will always side with the individual being attacked rather than the mob.

      Speaking of blind willingness, that's exactly what these very same people did when they attacked me. Their blind willingness to believe a girl who stalked and harrassed me for months over a few emails she posted that were taken out of context.

      Shame on them too.

  2. I dunno about M.T. Carroll - I responded on his blog post about the situation explaining why I hadn't reviewed his book and asking if he'd have preferred the one-star review I would have given or my silence and saying that was probably why a lot of people haven't posted reviews - because they knew he was a new author and didn't want to hurt his feelings or make him feel like he shouldn't continue to try; I made it clear I supported his position. And he blocked me. ??? This doesn't sound like the actions of a complete innocent in the matter. Unfortunately a lot of the original posts on Amazon have been removed or edited so I can't go back and make the decision about how it sounds personally, but a lot of people posted copies of his comments calling people who downloaded free ebooks without reviewing them hoarders and freeloaders, so I can see why some people might be upset with him. Then I tried to explain a possible reason and ask a perfectly reasonable question in return and he blocks me. He has since deleted all the comments on that blog post, too. *shrug*

    I continue to give him the benefit of the doubt, because I know how these people are, but he's not being blameless in this thing.

    1. I understand that. And for the most part, that was kind of you. To not want to hurt his feelings or his confidence as a new author so you chose to not give a bad review and rating then he asks a general question regarding why people do not leave a rating and review so then you leave it.

      Perhaps you should have explained in your review (as I don't think I ever saw it so I do not know what you said) that you did not give an initial rating because you did not care for it and did not want to hurt the author's feelings.

      Still, there were many people behind you who went after him instead of the book. And I did see some comments that clearly told me that many of those people never read the book at all. Those people are the ones who attacked me too. They are the questionable ones.

      For myself, I have always told people to not be afraid to give my book a bad review or rating. That for me, my feelings do not get hurt. Many may not have believed me. But ... I learn more about "what not to do" or "how not to write" from bad reviews, ratings or "constructive reviews" (as I like to call them) than I do from good ones.

      It sounds like to me that your heart was in the right place but as for many of those who followed behind you, it was another opportunity to pounce on an unsuspecting author. There is a good chance that Mr. Dismuke's question was taken out of context and instead of these people attacking him, they should have asked in what context was he asking his.

      This is what happens when you have a Goodreads group full of bullies who are just looking for the slightest reason to go after authors. Instead of trying to calmly discuss and work things out, they simply attack them like a swarm of locust. This makes them (the bullies) look guilty. (And it makes Goodreads look bad for supporting them)


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