Sunday, October 28, 2012

Carroll's Journal: Chillicothe

Welcome to my hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio. There is so much to show that I should do two parts. (Maybe three) But since my camera is now broke, blah! So here it is, my hometown of Chillicothe, Ohio.

My favorite place of all in Chillicothe is Yoctangee Park. One of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. The high school is located to the back side of the park. They have like a five mile jogging path made of concrete that over looks the river and some baseball fields. And speaking of baseball fields, our local minor league baseball team, Chillicothe Paints, keeps us entertained in the summer days.

Inside the park, you will find the Pump House Art Gallery. It was originally a water pump facility way back in the good old days that serviced the townspeople with fresh drinking water. In the 70’s, there was a plan to tear it down when the new water plant facility was built, enter our local “world renowned” pen and ink artist, Ted Fickisen and his manager, Charlie Queen. They were able to preserve the structure, getting it listed as a historical building and they transformed it into what it is today, a building that houses some great artwork by local residents and famous artists. It has become one of the many attractions in not only Yoctangee Park, but in the city of Chillicothe itself. If you ever get a chance to go to Chillicothe, this is a must on your list of things to visit. Oh, when you go to the park, bring some bread for the ducks, but be careful, while it is okay to feed them, if you do, they will mount an attack. LOL Albeit, a friendly one, as anyone who feeds them becomes their best friend for the moment. I used to take my little sister there often, and spend some time making new friends. We had a few incidents where they got too close to her and she would freak out, but big bubby was always there to save her from being eaten by them. Ha-ha.

The courthouse is also a great sight. It is itself a historical building. Here is a view of it at night as well as the day.

Another fantastic and historical building is where our local city paper is located, The Chillicothe Gazette.

We also hold an Easy Rider Rodeo every year around the end of August, first weekend of September. This is when our streets are riddled with bikers from all over the United States. The girls are pretty hot too. I have been to many of these events and it can get pretty wild. I think I best leave it at that before I spill a few of my (mis)adventures. LOL

This is a part of downtown where jenny’s store is located.

Memorial Stadium is located on the property of the V.A. hospital and is home of the Chillicothe Paints minor league baseball team. Before they make it to the major leagues, they play here. Well, some of them do anyway. LOL

On the outskirts of town, we have the Mound City Indian burial site. It is gorgeous and a must see on your list if you ever visit. As is Adena, the 2000 acre estate of Thomas Worthington, our sixth governor of Ohio and one of the states first United States Senators. It has been restored to look just like it did when the Worthington family lived there. The house was completed in 1807. The house is one of only three houses designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe still standing in the country. Latrobe is considered the first professional American architect and served as architect of the U.S. capitol under President Thomas Jefferson. The picture you see here is of the garden. How beautiful is that?

As for the last pic, I want to move into this house. LOL Wish me luck.

And as for other events taking place in my world, well, I did get to shake hands over the past month with presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, and Vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan. If they win the election then that would make two presidents I shook hands with. (The other being former president, Bill Clinton.) And one vice president. I guess that is something, isn’t it? Then later, one of them and their caravan of police escorts came driving through town and right by my home. Just about every time a big shot politician comes through Ohio it is almost a given that they will be traveling right through Piketon. They sure do use a lot of police officers for those escorts though. I think I have figured out why so many states, counties and cities are on the verge of bankruptcy. Maybe these candidates could use some of that donation money they get for their campaigns to pay for those escorts instead of the tax payers always flipping the bill. (Just a thought) In fact, I think all left-over campaign funds should automatically go to paying the national debt and stuff. (Just another thought)

That about wraps it up for this journal. Don’t forget to go out and vote. Not that it’s going to make a difference. It’s all rigged anyway. The politics of America is so corrupted, I mean, dead people voting? Really? I better stop here. Just remember, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, America is screwed either way. LOL If you’re still undecided, just do what I do. Break the candidates down into two categories. Dumb, and dumber. (That’s the easy part) The hard part is figuring out which one is dumb and which one is dumber. Ha-ha. Flip a coin.

Random thought: To think I could have been stuck with her. Thanks universe!

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