Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Carroll's Journal 45 (Bitch No)

I haven’t done one of these for a while. Let me first take this time to thank my sister, my girlfriend and my best friend for watching over my blog. I am so busy it isn’t funny. I don’t know what I would do without them. I figured to get everyone updated with my current activities and let me tell you, my plate is so full right now that I got stuff dripping off the sides. The first thing on my list of things to do between now and over the next six months is move. Yes, you read correctly, I am house hunting. With any luck, I will be moved by the end of September, end of October at the earliest.

I have been casually looking the past few weeks. I did come across this three bedroom I really, really like. It’s been on the market now for about 2 years. I don’t know why. It’s amazing! And the price is right too. I think I want it. Anyhow, it’s 2-story. Upstairs it has three bedrooms. The master has a full bathroom with it. And it is a huge room with a sky light. The other two rooms are across the hall and they are separated by another bathroom. Each of those rooms have a door leading to it and there’s a door to it off the hallway. Downstairs, a full kitchen, dining room, living room and another room which I might turn into my little nephews playroom for when comes to visit.

It has a nice front, side and back yard. A two car garage (newly built) attached to the house and a one and a half car garage in back that used to have a door leading to the alley. The current owners sealed it up and now use it for a storage building. It’s water tight with a couple of windows, and it has half bath in it so if I get it, I might have it remodeled into a an efficiency. I could make a little extra cash by renting it out to some 19 or 20 year old college girl where I could give her a break from the rent every now and then. (He-he)

Okay, I’m just kidding about that. (Or am I?)

I would never do anything like that. But now all my bullies/haters have something to blog about. “Hey, did you read what Carroll said? He is going have sex with 19 year old girls in exchange for rent. He is such a pervert!”

“Oh, that doesn’t surprise me. He’s such a sleeze.”

“I know, right? However, if I didn’t live in Mexico I would have to consider it. I could use a place of my own. It would beat getting passed around from one family member to another. Nobody seems to want me.”

“You would sleep with him just to have a place to live and live rent free?”

“Probably. Sure. Why not?”

“Bitch, no!”

(And scene)

After that, I have editing to do on my next E-book. I have to get the cover designed. I am looking to head back into the studio to work on a new song. I am trying to get this team of ghost hunters to let me join them for a couple of investigations. I am going to put an ad out for a couple of people to join me in my UFO hunting trip. I have to wrap up this ghost writing project I got myself into. (Never again) I am trying to decide which of my books I am going to print up into a paperback. Dave is back from Florida and he wants to set me up with some radio interviews when I get a book into print, and he wants to get me some book signing gigs at the local book stores in Chillcothe and Columbus, maybe Portsmouth. We are going to look into getting my first CD available on itunes. I’m going to go look for a pickup truck to buy. I have to help my brother-in-law knock down some buildings on his new property. Just a couple of sheds and a barn. Then there’s the holidays coming up, that is always chaos for me by itself.

Plus, I have to keep up with football fantasy teams this year. I will have between 1,500 dollars and two grand invested in all twelve teams by season’s end. I will need at least two of them to win their league championships just to break even. I had five league champions in 2010, but those weren’t money leagues. If I win at least five this year, I will be cleaning up. My mother (and girlfriend) thinks I have a gambling problem because I also like to go online and play me some poker once in a while. You win some and you lose some. But seriously mother, I don’t have a problem. Unless I lose. But yeah, as long as I win, I have no problem.

“Bitch, no!”

I told you my plate is full. (And yet, I still feel as if I am forgetting something here.)

All I have time to do right now is jump online and respond to emails and maybe go check out STGRB and see what the bullies are up to and what author Goodreads has banned this week. (It seems like they have been banning a lot of them lately) Man, I am so glad I am no longer a part of that screwed up website. That place has become an author killer. I don’t think Patrick or the bullies will be happy until every last author has been banned. At the rate they are going, that will occur sometime next mid summer. They sure do have a lot of hate inside of them.

“Bitch, no!” (That is so funny)

You know, if/when I do those radio interviews, I am warning all authors to stay clear of Goodreads. And I will be explaining why. As Billy The Kid would say, “I’ll make you famous.”

I can just hear the bullies blogging now:

“Did you read what Carroll said on his blog? He thinks he so famous that he is going to make US famous too by mentioning us Goodreads librarians in his radio interviews.”

“Oh, cool. I’m somebody now. Imagine how many autographs I could sign if I lived in the USA.”

“Would you sleep with Carroll to be famous?”

“Probably. Sure. Why not?”

“OMG! Bitch, no!”

Yep, I can smell their hateful carcasses typing it up right now. LOL God, I am in such a good mood. Could things get any better?

“Bitch, no!”


  1. Ha ha, you make me laugh! I'm intrigued about the Goodreads references. Am I missing something here? I am on the site but never really do much with it...

  2. Eh, Goodreads has gone down hill fast. Their "librarians" have taken over and are on the war-path. They are going around and attacking various and multiple authors, editors and publisher's. It's cwazy. LOL

    The sad part is ... GR isn't lifting a finger to even try and stop it. They are actually supporting it.

    So sad. (Tisk - tisk)

    OMG! Big Bang is on!


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