Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bookbaby #31 Poets

I know I said I probably wouldn't be posting anymore Bookbaby material, but you know, when you find something that works, you just want other aspiring authors to know about it. (Besides, it isn't going to hurt to throw out a reminder every now and then) Everyone who follows me knows I will do whatever I can to help any aspiring author get started on their dreams. My hope is, every person out there who dreams of publishing a book, gets that chance. Maybe self publishing isn't for you, but if it is something you want to look into, look no more.

This is a Bookbaby special that I wanted to post as the first video deals a little bit with poets and their poetry. I know a lot of you write it so here is something for you to consider. (Bookbaby is also good if you want to publish a book of poetry too)

The second video is an advertisement of Bookbaby that wraps up their services in a nutshell. I highly suggest you watch it and if the mood strikes you, give Bookbaby a look see for your self publishing needs. Hey, look on the bright side, in this economy, it isn't going to cost you a thing to learn about them, right? So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Just like that book isn't going to write itself, neither will it publish itself. So get cracking! LOL Don't spend the rest of your life being a dreamer, spend it being a "do'er". Now, go out and do it! You know you want to. Get that book out there for others to read.

Just go to my Bookbaby page for links to their website and blog and youtube channel where you can watch as many videos as you like about Bookbaby and all they have to offer and to gain valuable information about the publishing industry in general.

Tell them Carroll Bryant sent you. LOL

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